INTP Boyfriend: 14 Tips to Better Understand Your Man

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INTP males are creative and analytical and that’s probably why they make such great scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, inventors, computer programmers, and engineers—and lousy salespeople.

But INTPs also have their share of problems: the inability to understand or express emotions, being seen as insensitive or unapproachable, and a propensity for getting lost in their own thoughts and not noticing what’s going on around them.

If you have an INTP boyfriend, there are some things you can do to better understand him and help him feel comfortable in the emotional world.

In this article,  we’ll offer you some tips to better understand your INTP Boyfriend, because we know that once you do, your relationship will blossom!

12 Tips on How to Deal with an INTP Boyfriend

  1. Don’t try to change him


The first thing you need to realize is that you can’t change your INTP boyfriend any more than you can change the color of his eyes or the shape of his nose.

INTPs are notoriously independent, and they don’t like to be told what to do. They have a strong sense of self-identity and are not easily swayed from their beliefs or opinions.

He is who he is, and trying to make him into something he’s not is a recipe for disaster.

  1. Give him space


INTPs need a lot of space and time to themselves. They like to withdraw into their own minds to process information and sort through their thoughts.

It’s important that you give your INTP boyfriend the space he needs. Don’t expect him to be constantly by your side, and don’t take his lack of presence as a sign of disinterest.

  1. Don’t be too emotional


INTPs are not very emotional people. They can be quite insensitive at times and may not understand the subtleties of human emotions.

It’s important not to take your INTP boyfriend’s lack of emotionality personally. He may not always say or do the right thing, but it’s not because he doesn’t care about you.

  1. Be patient


INTPs can be very slow to make decisions. They like to weigh all the options and consider all the possible consequences before coming to a conclusion.

Be patient with your INTP boyfriend. He’s not trying to be difficult, he’s just doing what comes naturally to him.

  1. Don’t be too pushy


INTPs are independent people who like to do things their own way. They don’t like to be pushed or pressured into anything.

If you want your INTP boyfriend to do something, it’s best to give him the space to make the decision on his own. He’ll likely come around to your way of thinking eventually, but only if you let him do it his own way.

  1. Be understanding


INTPs can be very absent-minded at times. They may not notice what’s going on around them because they’re too lost in their own thoughts.

Be understanding of your INTP boyfriend’s occasional lack of focus and try not to take it personally.

  1. Don’t be too critical


INTPs are perfectionists and can be very critical of themselves and others.

Don’t be too critical of your INTP boyfriend, especially if he’s doing the best he can. If you constantly criticize him, he’ll only become more defensive and less likely to listen to your suggestions.

  1. Help him understand his emotions


INTPs are not very good at understanding their own emotions, let alone the emotions of others.

If you can help your INTP boyfriend understand his emotions, he’ll be a lot better off. Try to explain how you’re feeling in terms he can understand, and give him examples of situations where his emotions would be appropriate.

  1. Encourage him to socialize


INTPs are not very good at socializing and often have trouble making friends.

Encourage your INTP boyfriend to socialize with other people, preferably people who share his interests. He’ll likely enjoy the company of other like-minded individuals, and you’ll get some much needed time to yourself.

  1. Respect his independence


INTPs are very independent people and they value their independence highly.

Respect your INTP boyfriend’s independence and don’t try to control him. He’ll likely resent you if you do, and the relationship will be doomed to fail.

  1. Be prepared for his moodiness


INTPs can be very moody, and their moods can change quickly and without warning.

Be prepared for your INTP boyfriend’s moodiness, and try not to take it personally. He can’t help it, it’s just the way he is.

  1. Don’t be afraid to challenge him


INTPs like to be challenged, both mentally and emotionally. They need stimulation and excitement in their lives, or they quickly become bored.

Don’t be afraid to challenge your INTP boyfriend. He’ll likely appreciate your willingness to engage him on an intellectual level. Just make sure you’re up for the challenge, otherwise, you’ll quickly become frustrated.

  1. Be prepared for some heated debates


INTPs are very analytical people and they love to debate.

Be prepared for some heated debates with your INTP boyfriend. He loves nothing more than to argue about a topic he’s passionate about. Just make sure you can hold your own in a debate, or you’ll quickly be outmatched.

  1. Be prepared for some distance at times


INTPs need time to themselves and they often need to distance themselves from others in order to get their thoughts together.

Be prepared for some distance from your INTP boyfriend at times. He may not always be available when you need him, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you. He just needs some time to himself every once in a while.


What are INTP males attracted to?


INTP males are attracted to females who are independent and have their own interests. They also tend to be attracted to females who are intelligent and can hold their own in a debate. Lastly, INTP males tend to be attracted to females who are spontaneous and unpredictable.


What is an INTP male in love like?

When an INTP male is in love, he tends to be very loyal and committed to his partner. He may not always be the most romantic or expressive person, but he will always be there for his partner when she needs him.

Are INTPs good boyfriends?

INTPs can be good boyfriends if their partners are willing to understand and accept them for who they are. INTPs need a lot of space and independence, so their partners need to be okay with giving them some distance at times. Additionally, INTPs can be moody and may not always be the most reliable people, so their partners need to be prepared for that.

How to make an INTP miss you?

There is no surefire way to make an INTP miss you, but some things that may help include being there for him when he needs you and respecting his independence. By doing that, I guarantee you’ll be on his mind next time he’s alone.

Understanding an INTP Girfriend

If you have an INTP girlfriend, then you know that she is a unique and special person. INTPs make wonderful partners because they are intelligent, analytical, and independent. However, they can also be moody and unpredictable at times. If you want to make your INTP girlfriend happy, then you need to understand her and accept her for who she is. This article offers a  few tips to help you better understand your INTP girlfriend:

Who Should an INTP male marry?

Marrying someone shouldn’t be based on their Myers-Briggs type, but if you’re curious, an INTP male would be best married to someone who is also intelligent and enjoys debating. They should also be someone who is independent and can give the INTP male the space he needs. ENTJs and INFJs are known to be compatible with INTP females and males.


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