INTP Male in Love? (9 Subtle Signs)

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INTPs are often stereotyped as being emotionless, especially when people think of INTP males compared to INTP females. INTP males are seen as being uninterested in anything that does not have to do with them and their intellectual pursuits.

This is actually not the case. INTP males can and do experience love, but it is often shown in a more subtle way compared to what is seen in other types.

In this article, we will explore nine subtle signs that an INTP male is in love so you can spot them and perhaps understand them better.

9 Subtle Signs an INTP Male is in Love

There are a lot of subtle changes in the INTP Male’s body language or actions when they’re around a woman they love or at least romanticly interested in, You should pay close attention to your INTP male to spot these behavioral changes, the most common are:

  1. They become more talkative

When  INTP males are around someone they like, they become more talkative. They want to learn more about the person and share their own thoughts and ideas. This can be a bit of a change for INTP males who are usually more introverted and quiet.

This is the case when an INTP Male is already familiar with the person and is more comfortable around her. If the INTP Male is just getting to know the person, he may become even quieter and reserved as he observes and processes everything about her.

  1. They become more attentive

INTP males are usually very attentive to the person they love.

INTPs, in general, lose their focus on what the person across from them is saying if they’re not interested in the person or the topic. They’re known to be selectively attentive.  When an INTP Male is in love, he’ll be completely attentive to the person and what she has to say.

Even if they try to hide it, say for example in a group setting, if you observe them closely you will see that they are paying much more attention to the person they’re interested in than anyone else around.

  1. They become more physical

INTP males are not the touchy-feely kind even for a grown-up and mature INTP male, But naturally, when they love someone they’ll want to touch them even in innocent ways like an arm around the shoulder or putting their hands on the small of their woman’s back.

Small, casual touches can be a sign that an INTP Male is interested in and attracted to someone. in fact, one of INTPs’ most preferred love languages for showing love in a subtly intimate way is physical affection.

If he’s not interested, he’ll avoid touching the person at all costs.

  1. They have a harder time being blunt

INTPs are blunt people. They say what they mean and they don’t sugarcoat things. But when an INTP Male is in love, he may find it harder to be blunt with the person he loves.

He may start avoiding confrontation and try to sweep things under the rug. He may also start making excuses for why he’s doing or not doing something.

This is because INTP males do not want to hurt the person they love, even if it means lying to them.

  1. They’ll start doing things the person likes

INTP males are not the type to do things just because the person they love wants them to. They will only do things that they genuinely like or are interested in.

But if an INTP Male starts doing things the person he loves likes, it’s a sign that he’s trying to please her. This is the act of services love language. INTP males usually do not show their love in this way, but it is a way of trying to connect with the person they care for.

Even if the INTP Male doesn’t like doing the things the person he loves likes, he’ll do them anyway because it makes her happy.

  1. They’ll start taking care of their appearance more

INTP males do not usually care about their appearance. In fact, they may even take pride in not caring about what others think of them.

But when an INTP Male is in love, he’ll start taking care of his appearance more. He’ll want to look good for the person he loves.

You may start seeing him wearing nicer clothes, styling his hair, and even using more grooming products.

  1. They’ll start being more polite

You see, INTP males aren’t exactly impolite, but they sure aren’t an example of perfect etiquette either.

They come off as blunt and sometimes even harsh. because they just can’t see the use of sugarcoating things. They normally aren’t interested in how people interpret their manners, but when an INTP is in love, he’ll be aware of his manners and will start being more polite to the person he loves.

This is because INTP males want to make a good impression on the person they love.

  1. They’ll explain  things in more detail

INTP males are not the best at explaining things. They like to keep things simple and to the point. But when an INTP Male discusses an idea or a theory he’s interested in when the woman he loves, he’ll be willing to go into more details and explain things thoroughly just to make sure she understands.

This is because he’ll want the person they love to be interested in the things they’re interested in. 

  1. They’ll want to spend quality time  with the person they love

INTP males are not the type to want to spend a lot of time with people. They usually prefer their own company since they’re a thinking type with a dominant Ti.

But when an INTP Male loves someone, he’ll want to spend quality time with the person he loves. He’ll want to ask her over for a movie night, have dinner with her, or just go for a walk.

This is INTPs way of connecting with the one they love.


How Does an INTP Male Show Love?

INTP males show love in a very subtle way. They usually do not express their love through words but through actions. Some of the ways an INTP Male might show love include taking care of their appearance more, being more polite, and explaining things in more detail.

What Do INTPs do When They Like Someone?

Well, they sure won’t be their usual laid-back version in front of the person they like. INTPsn have a very hard time expressing themselves, so they’ll usually do things such as become more polite and take care of their appearance more. They’ll also want to spend quality time with the person they like.

Do INTP Fall in Love Easily?

It depends. This has nothing to do with their type, but more with their level of maturity and how they’ve been hurt in the past. INTPs are usually not the types to fall in love easily, but if they haven’t been hurt before and have some maturity, they might follow their feelings and fall in love easier.

The  Best Match for INTP Male?

The INTP male is best matched with someone who is also a thinker. This would be someone such as an ENTJ (also the best match for INTP females)or an INTJ. These two types can understand and appreciate the INTP Male’s unique way of thinking. They will also be able to provide the INTP Male with the emotional support he needs. Someone who is more of a feeler, such as an ESFJ or an ENFJ, would not be the best match for the INTP Male. These types would be more likely to be hurt by the INTP Male’s bluntness and lack of emotion.


So, these are 9 subtle signs an INTP male is in love. If you see your INTP Male exhibiting any of these behaviors, it’s a good sign that he cares for you and wants to be in a relationship with you.

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