Long Distance Relationship With an Introverted man? (Here are 8 Important Things To Do)

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Dating an introverted man who lives close by can be a bit challenging if you don’t know how to deal with your introvert in your relationship, But Dating one who lives far away from you will be even more challenging!

This article is to help you survive a Long Distance Relationship with an introverted man.

You will find tips and strategies on how to maintain a long distance relationship successfully with your introverted man.

Here are 8 things you need to do if you’re in a long distance relationship with an introverted guy 

8 Important Things to Do When you’re in a Long Distance Relationship With an Introvert Man

  1. Ensure that you are both on the same page

It’s crucial that you and your introverted partner are on the same page about what it takes to be in a successful long distance relationship.  You need to know how much time he has for you, and vice versa.

You both need to set clear ground rules when you’re apart from one another so that there is no confusion or mixed messages when one person wants more contact than the other.

If misunderstandings arise, don’t take things too personally! Remembering this will make it easier for both of you during tough times when feelings get hurt because someone was neglected or ignored.

  1. Find ways to keep in touch with each other

You and your introverted man both need to schedule a time every day to speak to one another over the phone or face time each other.

Even if you don’t see each other every day, make sure you keep in touch with him via text messages or calls!

In case you met your introverted boyfriend on a dating app and you’re both used to talking on that app then you don’t need to change your daily chat platform. But if the app is not the best place to carry out a proper conversation, perhaps you can switch to texting so that it’s more personal.

As much as you want to believe that you have a connection with your partner while you’re both distantly apart, being physically together helps strengthen your relationship even more. making plans to Meet up whenever there’s a chance is the best strategy for a long-distance couple because a physical presence can mean a lot more than just words!

  1. Keep up your appearance and make sure he knows how much he means to you

Make sure you keep up your looks, love yourself first before letting someone else do that for you. Don’t be totally dependant on your introverted boyfriend who’s probably hundreds of miles away to make you happy and feeling good about yourself!

If you rely on only him to make you happy then you’ll have higher expectations and those expectations won’t always be met!

It won’t be his fault though! that’s why being your first source of happiness is a must when dating someone long distance, introvert or not.

Keep yourself busy by doing things you enjoy so that it’s less likely to think about your partner too much or long to see them!

Be in a good mood when it’s time to talk to each other and let him know that being with him makes you happier than you already are! express in words how much he means to you and what a great addition he is to your life, be sincere and your introverted boyfriend will definitely feel it just by reading your words.

  1. Be direct about what you want from him – don’t assume anything!

Misunderstandings happen all the time when people aren’t honest about their feelings, expectations, and needs. Communicate with your introverted partner so there is no confusion between both of you. This will help you and your introverted man avoid possible arguments or even breakups.

When you and your partner first met, both of you probably agreed on how often you can see each other so don’t go changing things without consulting him about it! Believe it or not, the absence will make his heart grow fonder but he won’t be so happy if you make plans without talking to him.

  1. Spend time apart from your introverted boyfriend

Yes, you read that right! Being in a long-distance relationship with an introvert man will be better if both of you spend some time apart from each other – not too much but a few months at least! this is where your life will have a great opportunity to go on without him, introverts don’t like clingy people and you definitely shouldn’t be that when in a relationship with an introverted guy!

It’s even better if your close friends can reveal how much they miss you when you’re not around them.

This means he isn’t the only one who misses you when you’re not together! this way, he’ll know that even your friends still care about you when he’s not there to hold your hand or cuddle you from behind!

  1. Get creative with gifts and surprises

They needn’t be expensive but should show that you care for him deeply.

Every time you meet him after a long time being apart, give him gifts that’ll remind him of his time with you.

Don’t ever give up with unique ideas to show your introverted man how much he means to you! whether it’s handmade or not, as long as it comes from the heart then there is no doubt that your man will love them all and think of you whenever he sees them while away from you!

  1. Give him space when needed!

You introvert will appreciate this more than anything else when you’re in a long distance relationship with him!

If your introvert boyfriend asks for space or hints that he needs time for himself, don’t cling onto him and let him come back to you in his own time.

There’s honestly no point in trying to connect with an introvert who is not into connecting.

Even if he loves you and even if this is an LDR he’ll want some time for himself just as you’ll probably do, so be sure to be considerate and give him space when needed.

8) Remember that an LDR requires a lot of work and commitment!

Both you and your introverted man must trust and respect each other and understand that every difficult situation is only temporary. If you’re together, it’ll happen to be easier but if you’re far away from each other then the only way to make your relationship last is by working hard on it!

If both of you are too busy with work or school, give your introverted boyfriend an incentive to keep up with his studies or work even harder for him! this way, you’ll not only be getting closer but you can also show him how much he means to you and give him the motivation he needs.


Long Distance relationships are hard, especially when you’re in one with an introverted man. However, the benefits of such a relationship far outweigh the negative aspects. Keep working on your relationship together using the 7 tips above I’m sure he’ll appreciate your efforts and love you even more.

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