What is The Best Match for an INTP Female Like? (6 MBTI Types)

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Many of the personality types are able to form a harmonious relationship with the INTP female, but there are some matches that will be more ideal than the others.

In this article, we’ll go over a list of possible significant others for an INTP female and explain why each is the best match.

But before that let’s briefly introduce INTP females

What are INTP Females Like?


  • INTP females are usually described as reserved, pensive individuals who enjoy spending time alone or with a few close friends.

  • They’re kind and smart but prefer to go straight to the point. No beating around the bushes.

  • They like to explore different concepts and theories, learn new things, and challenge themselves intellectually.

  • Female INTPs usually have a strong passion for knowledge, they often enjoy reading complex books and going to the library. They also tend to be very creative individuals, always looking for different ways to express their thoughts.

These are some of the main characteristics of an INTP female, but let’s now go over The Best Matches for INTP Females.

The Best MBTI Matches for INTP Females



ENTJs are very direct, blunt, and action-oriented individuals who are constantly looking for ways to improve the world around them. They are usually very good at improvising, are not afraid to take risks, and never settle for the first thing that comes up.

ENTJs make for the best possible life partners for INTP females because they help them see what is possible and push their boundaries. ENTJs can take care of INTP women when they can’t do it for themselves.

ENTJs are confident, enthusiastic, and energetic individuals, and INTP females find those traits very attractive. a lot of INTP women say that they’re attracted to ENTJ males.

Their relationship usually starts off as a friendship that slowly evolves into love. Even if their relationship has its ups and downs, they are usually quite good at finding the balance between being kind to each other while also challenging one another.



ENTPs are usually described as clever, intellectually curious individuals with endless enthusiasm for new ideas. They’re energetic, enthusiastic, and are usually are never afraid to voice their opinions regardless of what others might think about them.

ENTPs usually have a very positive view of the world, they are not afraid to take risks, and are always looking for new ways to improve themselves.

ENTPs make for great partners because they are able to keep the INTP female on her toes and help her stay motivated.

Their relationship would usually be a bit more casual than the one between the INTP female and the ENTJ. because being with an ENTP is like being with your enthusiastic self. and ENTP will perfectly understand an INTP’s perspective and her approach to life.



INFJs and INTPs are not called the golden pair for no reason. INFJs are usually described as very warm, enthusiastic partners who are passionate about their goals.

INFJs are some of the most compassionate individuals you will ever meet besides INFPs. They are always looking for ways to help others, and they’re usually very in tune with their feelings.

INFJs have a very complex personality and INTP women are usually more than willing to learn all about them. They are usually able to appreciate INFJs for who they are (emotional, empathetic, and caring )and for what they add to their lives.

Their relationship usually has a warm, caring dynamic, which makes it really unique and pleasant. They are very supportive of each other, and if their relationship is also built on trust then it will definitely last.



Much like with INFJs, INFPs and INTPs make for a very good match because they bring out the best in each other. They both share a passion for exploration and are constantly looking to widen their knowledge.

INFPs are usually very respectful, understanding, and selfless individuals. They are always looking for ways to help others and bring out the best in them. Because INFPs are very empathetic individuals, they usually respect their partner’s space and will let them do their own thing which INTP females find really attractive.

What’s really interesting about INFPs is that they usually end up choosing an INTP female as their life partner. Many INTP females say that they’ve always been more attracted to INFP males for their gentle intensity and will settle for nothing else.

Their relationship would usually be a deep, warm, and mutual one. where they both end up growing a lot because of each other.



ESTJs make for great partners for INTP females because they both want the best for each other and will do their best to make their relationship work.

ESTJs are usually thought of as practical, resourceful individuals who are always trying to achieve their goals in life. They are usually very strong-willed, organized, and goal-oriented individuals.

INTP females usually appreciate how much ESTJs care about their loved ones and try to do anything for them. They feel like they can depend on ESTJs and that they will always be there to help them when needed.

They usually have very practical personalities and strong opinions which sometimes clash with one another.

But even though they might disagree on some things, their mutual respect never waivers and they are always able to reconcile in the end.



INTJs are usually thought of as mysterious individuals who have a very complex personality. INTP women find themselves extremely attracted to INTJs because of this. They enjoy being able to learn more about their personality and find them endlessly fascinating as individuals

INTP females don’t usually approach INTJs because they might feel intimidated by them, but once they’ve been given a chance they usually become friends because of their intellectual curiosity.

They make for really good friends and romantic partners because they both enjoy talking about ideas, theories, and cognitive functions. They usually have a lot in common which makes their conversations exciting and stimulating.

INTJs are usually thought of as quiet individuals who keep to themselves, but INTP females find them approachable and easy to get to know.


What are INTPs Attracted to?

INTPs are usually attracted to Extraverted intuitive types such as ENTPs, ENFPs, ENTJs, and ESTPs because they sometimes share a sort of similar mindset.

They also usually have a certain charm about them which is really attractive to INTPs. They are drawn to their spontaneity, enthusiasm, and ability to boldly take control of the situation.

What Types are Attracted to INTP Females?


Male types that are usually attracted to INTP females are usually INTJs, INFJs, ESTJ, and INFPs.

These types of men usually have very strong values but are also very open-minded which INTP females usually admire.

These males are attracted to INTP females for their intelligence, kindness, and matter of fact demeanor. They want to be with someone who is very intelligent and able to hold meaningful conversations about a variety of topics and that’s INTP females can easily manage.

What do Guys Think of Female INTPs?

Guys usually think of INTP females as being very intelligent, beautiful, kind, and thoughtful individuals.

They usually want to know more about INTP females because of how different and mysterious they look. INTP females seem unapproachable to guys and this makes them even more attractive in their eyes.


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