The INTP Spirit Animal [ 8 Shared Traits ]

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I thought it’d be nice to discuss The INTP Spirit animal today since I already covered a lot about this intelligent personality type and I just feel like mentioning their spirit animal today.

So in this article, I will be discussing why it was chosen based on shared characteristics between the INTP and their spirit animal.

Alright, let’s get started then!

What Animal is The INTP?

If you’re an INTP, then your spirit animal is the owl.

When you think about it, this makes sense because owls are well known for their intelligence and wisdom.

There’s a reason why the owl is a symbol for wisdom and knowledge.

Owls are also known to be very quiet and introverted animals, so they are actually very similar to INTPs!

Owls are also nocturnal animals. This makes sense too considering that INTPs are most active at night and prefer to avoid the spotlight.

Before diving into why Owl is Similar to INTPs, let’s talk about what actually sets INTPs apart from the rest.


INTPs and Introverted Thinking (Ti)


INTPs are smart and well known for their wisdom, they are known for using their concepts (Ti) to make decisions.

This is the primary function of INTPs. They use logic, rationality, and an inner coding system to make decisions.

This same concept can be seen in how owls live and behave as well. They use the same principles to create their own set of rules.

For example, when an owl hunts it watches the prey, learning its behavior so that it can predict its next move.

That’s how INTPs live as well, they observe the world around them and make predictions based on their Ti.


Common Traits of the Owl and INTP personality type


  • Wise
  • Quiet
  • Observative
  • Solitary
  • Neutral
  • Relaxed
  • Planful
  • Independent

Let’s over each Trait


The Wise


Owls were a symbol of wisdom way back during ancient times and this has not changed.

Today, owls are still symbols of wisdom and knowledge just like they were in the past.

and so are INTPs.

INTPs are known for their wisdom and knowledge. They don’t rely on their emotions to make decisions.

They use their Ti (introverted thinking) to logically come up with the best course of action possible, considering all possibilities and likely outcomes.


The Quiet


Owls are also known to be very quiet animals, much like INTPs who aren’t the ongoing noisy sort and often prefer to keep to themselves.

Owls aren’t noisy animals, they both prefer to keep quiet and observe their surroundings, especially the animals they prey on.

INTPs have a low voice which can often be misinterpreted as being shy and reserved when in fact they’re just not the loud sort


The Observative


Owls are known to be very observative animals, much like INTPs.

Owls use their ability to see in 360 degrees to find and track their prey until they’re ready to strike.

Owls are known to have the ability to see behind themselves, in front of them, and even below their feet.

That’s how observative they are.

INTPs are observative just like owls. They use their ability to observe and analyze what’s happening around them and their environment.

They use their ability to observe everything that’s happening around them to make the best decision possible, always keeping all possibilities in mind.


The Solitary


Owls are known to be solitary animals and thinking about it, you don’t usually see owls in flocks – they prefer to be alone and recognize this as a strength.

INTPs are much like owls in the sense that they are naturally inclined to keep to themselves.

They rarely prefer to be in crowded places and they certainly don’t like being around people who irritate them.

This leads to the next treat…


The Neutral


Many people misunderstand INTPs for being rude and unfeeling.

That’s a misunderstanding.

INTPs are just naturally wired to use logic to make decisions, so they prefer to cut down on emotions when making choices.

They don’t mean to be rude..they’re just not as emotional as most other personality types.

Owls are much the same. They stand still on a branch or a tree waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

They are just standing there, still and calm..ready to attack at any moment.


The Relaxed


Owls seem to always be relaxed, their eyes are half-closed and they seem to be ready to take a nap at any moment…

much like INTPs.

They are relaxed, calm, and quiet all the time.

INTPs are known to be laid-back individuals, they’re relaxed in their movements and in the way they communicate.


The Planful


Owls are very planful animals. They take their time to scout out their prey, track it down and wait until the right moment for the perfect attack, all the while planning their maneuvers.

INTPs are similar in the way that they take the time to plan things in a general manner, they’re not so hung on making every move planned, but they do tend to look at the big picture and take steps towards it.


The Independent


Owls are independent animals, not needing the presence of others to do things, just like the INTPs.

An INTP will have no trouble going at his own pace, he doesn’t need to do things in a hurry and would often prefer to do them alone.



I hope you found this article both helpful and entertaining. If you\re interested in knowing more about your personality type check out my other articles about the INTP personality type: Ti-Si loop of the INTP, INTP Vs INTJ, ISTP Vs. INTP and many more here.

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