How to Comfort an INTP? (Step by Step Guide )

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INTPs are a rare type, making up only three percent of the population. They are known for their intense focus on logic and analysis. This often leads them to be very critical of themselves and others. They can also find it difficult to show their emotions, which can make them feel isolated and misunderstood.

In this article,  we’ll be exploring how to comfort an INTP. This guide is designed for other personality types who want to support their friends or loved ones who are struggling. We’ll go over some tips on how to best comfort an INTP, as well as what to avoid doing.

How to Comfort an INTP?

When an INTP is feeling down, it’s important to be there for them. Let them know that you care and want to help. Here are some tips on how to comfort/cheer up an INTP:

  1. Listen to them.


INTPs need to be able to express their thoughts and feelings. They need to know that you’re listening and that you care about what they’re saying. Show them that you’re interested in their well-being.

  1. Don’t judge them.


INTPs are very critical of themselves and can be very harsh in their self-judgment. It’s important not to add to this by judging them yourself. Accept them for who they are and try to see things from their perspective.

  1. Encourage them to express their emotions.


INTPs often bottle up their emotions, which can lead to further distress. Encourage them to express their feelings in a safe and supportive environment. This can be difficult for them, but it’s an important step in their healing process.

  1. Help them find an outlet for their emotions.


INTPs may not feel comfortable expressing their emotions verbally. Help them find an outlet that works for them, whether it’s writing, painting, or anything else that allows them to express themselves.

  1. make sure they know you’re always there when they feel down


One of the best things you can do for an INTP is to be there for them. Let them know that you care and that you’re always available to talk. This can be a great comfort to them during times of distress.

What not to do when comforting an INTP:

  1. Don’t try to fix their problems.


INTPs are very logical and analytical. They often want to find a solution to their problems on their own. Trying to fix their problems for them can be frustrating and unhelpful.

  1. Don’t tell them what to do.


INTPs need to feel like they’re in control of their own lives. Telling them what to do can be overwhelming and make them feel like they’re not in charge of their own lives.

  1. Don’t be too emotional.


INTPs can find emotions difficult to deal with. Being too emotional can be overwhelming and confusing for them. Try to stay calm and supportive.

  1. Don’t push them to do things they don’t want to do.


INTPs need time and space to process emotions and figure out what they want to do. Pushing them to do things before they’re ready can be overwhelming and cause them more distress.


How do you make an INTP more comfortable?

By not appearing judgmental in any way when you’re with an INTP, and by patiently listening to what they have to say. You might also want to find an activity or creative pursuit that the INTP can use to express themselves.

Do INTPs like affection?

Yep. especially physical affection, in fact, it’s one of INTPs favorite love languages when it comes to giving or receiving love.


INTP silent treatment: why they do it?

INTPs can give you the silent treatment if they feel like you’re not listening to them or respecting their need for space. If this happens, try to have a calm and understanding conversation with them and apologize for any wrongs you may have committed.

What is INTP?

INTP is one of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types. They are often seen as quiet and analytical, and they enjoy exploring their own thoughts and ideas. INTPs often need time alone to process their emotions and they can be difficult to comfort when they’re feeling down. However, they are often very caring and supportive once you get to know them.

How does an INTP feel loved?

Quality time and physical affection are two of the main love languages that make INTPs feel loved. spending time with an  INTP, listening to them, being there for them when they need you, Touching them in caring intimate ways, and engaging in activities together are all ways to show an INTP that you love them.

They also enjoy receiving compliments and feeling like they are understood and respected.


Comforting an INTP can be a challenge, but it’s important to remember that they are often very caring and supportive once you get to know them. By following these steps, you can help an INTP feel more comfortable and loved.

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