13 Helpful Tips for Dating an Introverted Man

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I know… it can be a little tricky being in a relationship with an introverted man.

Some women find introverted men to be mysterious, while others can’t understand why their boyfriend or date won’t show their feelings. Introverts are also very independent, so being in a relationship takes some getting used to.

You’ll have to either get an idea of how introverts go about dating or you could use some of the tips we offer in this article if you’re dating an introverted man!

Here are 13 tips for dating an introverted man to help you get to know him better and build a stronger relationship.

13 Useful Tips on How to Date an Introverted Man


1) Don’t Try to Change His Personality

It’s not easy being an introvert. Our solitary nature is something we’re born with, so don’t try to change his personality.

Ask him why he does certain things the way he does. Show interest in his characteristics and don’t judge him for any of them! If you do, he might feel like there’s something wrong with him and that will damage your relationship.

2) Take Things Slow

Introverts are people who enjoy their personal time, so take things slow.

Don’t try to change what you two do every day, because it might cause him to feel suffocated or stressed out. Instead, make plans for how often you talk on the phone or online and don’t go over that limit.

He will appreciate your efforts to get to know him slowly without feeling overwhelmed.

3) Show Positivity

Introverts are very sensitive people, so show yours positivity in everything that you do or say around him! If you’re tired, maybe he is too and he needs time to take a breather.

Use soft voices when speaking to an introvert man too- he might find loud noises to be distracting.

4) Don’t Force Him to Make Friends

Remember that introverts are people who need a lot of time alone to recharge- forcing them to make friends won’t work. Instead, encourage him to socialize without pushing him too hard and let him come back when he’s ready. What’s important is that you know how to make him feel comfortable.

5) Make Him Talk About His Interests

If you want your introverted man to feel loved and happy, then talk about his interests first before launching into yours. If he likes photography, for example, ask him about the last time he took pictures and what kind of camera he uses. Also, try to be patient with his answers- introverts are deep thinkers!

6) Be honest with your feelings

If you feel neglected or unloved, tell him. Tell your introvert man how you feel so he can be aware of it. Don’t bottle up your feelings because it can cause problems in the relationship later on. Don’t expect him to catch feelings from your body language. He doesn’t read minds so you’ll have to tell him how you feel in words.

7)Ask for help when you need it

he is not the only person who can make plans or handle logistics. Let him know that you need his help with certain things once in a while. It will give him some purpose too while he’s around.

8) Do Things Together

Do things together that are quiet and calm instead of high energy activities like going to a party or watching sports on TV. This way, they won’t have to worry about being overwhelmed by crowds or lots of noise around them all the time.

9) Ask before you invade his personal boundaries.

Introverted men are very protective of their private spaces, so when you’re in a relationship with him, try not to cross that line. He’ll be more open to affection if he gets some time alone. Also, when you ask him to do something, don’t expect him to say yes immediately. There are times when he needs some time to mull it over.

10) Don’t take his silence personally

He’s an introvert so sometimes, he might not give you much in the way of conversation. Don’t take it personally because like most introverts, he might not like small talk. Ask him about what you want to know. Ask him to describe his day, his feeling…anything! If he likes you enough he’ll be willing to open up.

11) Keep an open mind when he says he doesn’t like something

Introverted men are people pleasers so they can get uncomfortable saying no to someone they care about, but sometimes, even introvert men have their limits. If you ask him to do something he doesn’t feel comfortable doing, let him have the chance to say no.

12) Don’t pressure him into saying “I love you”

Introverted men can take a long time before they can say those three important words. I really think they’re better at showing their feelings physiologically rather than express them in words. Don’t pressure your introverted guy into telling you he loves you- let him tell you when he’s ready to.

13) Communicate your misunderstandings.

Sometimes there are misunderstandings that happen in an introvert extrovert relationship. The best way to resolve them is by communicating what you feel instead of bottling it up inside. make it a habit to talk about how you feel and encourage him to do the same.

This can prevent you from a lot of dating troubles especially if you’re in a long distance relationship with your introverted man. Online dating with an introvert can get difficult if you can’t communicate your misunderstandings.


Introverted men have a lot to offer. They can be great listeners and romantic partners as long as you understand them and their interests. If you can learn to accept them for who they are, you’ll be the happiest person around!

I hope these tips help you make your relationship with your introverted man a success. Also, if you have a question or comment related to dating an introverted man, leave it in the comments section below!

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