19 Adorable Signs an Introvert Secretly Likes You

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It’s no secret that introverts are not as vocal about their feelings as extroverts. In fact, the quiet ones often feel like their thoughts are better off left unsaid. But if you’re paying close attention, there may be some telltale signs that an introvert secretly likes you.

To help you out, we’ve compiled 9 adorable signs an introvert secretly likes you. So the next time your seemingly aloof crush flashes one of these subtle, little gestures, you’ll know exactly what it means.

**these signs are by no means in order.**

19 Adorable Signs an Introvert Secretly Likes You:


1. They get excited about a date with you.


If an introvert invites you out or suggests doing something together, there’s a good chance they’re interested in spending more time with you in the future. Giving and going on dates is something extroverts do willingly, but it will be tough for an introvert to ask someone out.  If they do, it’s because they’re thinking of you and how nice it would be to spend time with you.

2. They text or call just to see what you’re doing.


An introvert may not be very vocal about their feelings, but they still have a lot of them. If your introvert is into you, it’s likely that they’re curious about what you’re doing all the time. If they get the chance, they may text or even call out of interest just to see if you’re up to something. This says a lot about an introvert’s feeling about you because we don’t make a habit of checking on people over the phone!

3. You’re the first person they contact when they have good news to share.


Introverts are not known for being showy, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want the people closest to them to know when something good happens. They may be excited about some news and think it would please you if they shared their excitement with you.

4. They do your favorite activities with you.


If an introvert likes someone enough, they might actually want to learn about the other person’s hobby or interest. Chances are, they’ve heard about it or seen you doing it before. So if they offer to take you out for your favorite activity, there’s a chance they want to learn more about what makes you tick.

5. They’re emotionally vulnerable with you.


People who are extraverted tend to be comfortable sharing their feelings with anyone and everyone. But introverts are more guarded. If they’re opening up to you about how they feel, there’s a good chance that they really like you and want you to know them better. they want you to understand them, to connect with them on a more personal level. You’re not like the others to them.

6. They invite you to hang out with their close friends.


An introvert may not think of themselves as having many friends since they don’t readily share what’s going on in their lives. But they likely have one or two close friends that they’ve known for years. If they invite you along to hang out with those people, it’s a pretty good sign that they’re interested in you and want to show you off to their friends.

7. They take an interest in your hobbies.


If an introvert shows genuine interest in what you do for fun, and they go out of their way to ask you about your hobbies and want to do them with you specifically, there’s a good chance that they think your hobby is pretty cool just because you do it and they just want another reason to spend quality time with you!

8. They compliment you on something specific that interests them.


When an introvert likes you, they may feel like a less important part of your life. But if they have an interest in you that goes beyond the superficial, they’ll compliment you on something you’re involved with. If it’s specific to their interest or hobby,

9. They get shy when you flirt with them.


if you try to flirt when an introvert who secretly likes you, they might actually get shy or blush! This is a sure sign that they like you too, and the fact that they’re responding strongly to your flirtation is a sign that they’re into you.

10. They answer your texts within seconds, even if it’s something superficial.


We introverts are actually known to be late replyers. We don’t do it on purpose, it’s just that we like to reply when we’re ready. But if we like someone enough, we’ll respond almost immediately even if it’s a very casual text!

11. They’ll say to a party with you.


Hanging out at parties is not something introverts tend to enjoy, but if they’re willing to spend a whole evening there just because you want to go, it’s definitely a good sign. This means that they really want to be around you!

12. They’ll follow you on all your social media profiles.


If an introvert likes you, they’ll want to (not so obviously) follow you on all your social media profiles. Even if they’re a little shy about it, you’ll see them there. This is because they want to be aware of everything you do–which means that they like you more than just as friends!

13. They want to hang out with you exclusively.


When an introvert honestly likes someone, they probably don’t want to waste time or date around. If they give you the impression that they aren’t going to hangout with other people or more specifically go on more dates with anyone else, it’s because they like who they see in front of them and they aren’t looking elsewhere.

14. They’re willing to go out of their comfort zone for you.


Introverts are known for staying in and keeping to themselves, but that doesn’t mean they don’t open up when the right person comes along. If an introvert is really into someone, they’ll want to do what makes the other person happy even if that’s not how they would normally behave.

15. They give compliments for who you truly are


Introverts are more likely to flatter someone for their intelligence, kindness, or personality rather than how attractive they are. Since they don’t like superficial things, that probably means that the person they really like has more significant traits that they find appealing. and they will definitely get creative complementing you.

16. They do something thoughtful for you during the holidays or your birthday.


If an introvert likes you, they’ll likely want to find something special to get you on your birthday or during the holiday season. that’s because they want to subtly emphasize that the relationship they have with you is deeply personal and maybe even show that they’re into you as more than just friends.

17. They’re always around when you need them.


Introverts can be hard to read sometimes since we retreat into our own shells and like to spend time alone. But when they have a special interest in someone, we’ll want to be there for them and we’ll genuinely want to support them and push them to be the best version of themselves.

18. they would laugh a lot around you.


If an introvert likes you, they’ll find your sense of humor to be extra adorable and will laugh at almost anything you say. They want to enjoy the time they spend with you, so if they think that you’re funny or cool in any way, their natural reaction is going to be laughter.

19. They make the first move.


An introvert is not usually going to be the one to reach out first. They prefer to observe and watch how you act and just like you’re doing now, they’ll look for signs you like them back. If your introvert crush has made the first move in some way, it’s because he or she feels strongly about you.



Now that you’re aware of some of the ways an introvert can subtly show they like you, pay attention to your introvert’s body language and their actions around you. If they seem like they genuinely like you, you might want to pursue the relationship.

let them know how you feel in a way that’s comfortable for you and them and why not! open up the conversation about deepening your relationship.

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