How to Know If an Introvert Girl Likes You? (6 Signs To help you!)

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It can be hard to tell if an introverted girl likes you. Introvert girls are not like extrovert ones;  If you’re looking for a sign one of us introverted women likes you, don’t expect her to get all excited and energetic when she sees you.

Our unique characteristics as introverted women make us a bit harder to read. Introvert girls are less likely to show their feelings in an obvious way, especially if they’re shy around you or really like you. Even though it might seem like she’s not interested at all sometimes, there are many signs that will tell you otherwise.

Here are:


6 signs to look out for if you want to know if an introvert girl likes you.


  1. She has a huge crush on you but almost never talks to you


In this case, if she’s really shy and introverted, it’s possible that she doesn’t even know how to talk or act around you. It can be a sign that an introvert girl likes you when she suddenly gets shy and can’t talk to you like she normally would.


  1. She gets nervous when you’re around, but acts normal otherwise


An introvert girl who likes someone might get nervous or feel awkward, but that doesn’t mean she’s weird or strange. If she gets a little bit extra clumsy and makes weird mistakes, like knocking over a vase, spilling her drink, etc. it might be because she’s showing you that she likes you in her own way.


  1. She gets really quiet or avoids your gaze when you’re around


This is one of the easiest signs to spot: if an introvert girl suddenly starts to get really quiet and shy when you’re around, it’s a sign that she probably likes you. This is especially true if it’s not the usual way she acts around people. She might be quiet on her own, but with friends, she can talk and be very social, so it becomes obvious when she becomes quiet because you’re around.

she may try to hold your gaze but you’ll definitely notice her failing to do so.


  1. when texting, she’ll want to keep the conversation flowing


This isn’t always the case, especially if she’s not very experienced at texting or talking in general. However, when an introverted girl likes you and wants to keep a conversation flowing with you through texts, it might be because she has feelings for you.


  1. She’d make thoughtful gestures when you need it


If an introverted girl is interested in a guy, she’ll try to be supportive and helpful when needed. She’ll show her affection by doing little things that make your life easier, like cooking a meal for you or giving you a ride to where you need to go.


  1. She likes and comments on  your posts on social media


An introverted woman might look a bit outgoing on social media but trust me,  she’s not. If she likes and comments on your posts, it’s definitely a sign that she has good intentions because an introvert girl is usually very picky about her actions on social media.


So these are the 6 most common signs that will show you when an introverted girl likes you! Keep in mind that these are only general guidelines; every girl is different and may act in a slightly different way. The best thing to do is take each sign at face value and see how it feels for you. If you like her, let her know in your own unique way, and good luck!


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