13 obvious signs an introvert doesn’t like you!

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Introverts can be very subtle about the way they show how they feel about others, especially if they don’t like someone.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be an expert in human behavior to be able to tell whether an introvert likes you or not.

If you don’t get a clear answer and are still looking for signs that the introvert doesn’t like you, then here is a list of 13 things an introverted person does when they don’t like you.


How to tell if an introvert doesn’t like you


1) They only sit with you if there is no one else around


Some introverts do not mind eating alone, but a lot of us hate it. If the introvert obviously prefers to be somewhere else other than where you are, then this is your first sign that the person may not be interested in you in any way.


2) They avoid talking to you when others are around


There is one exception to this rule, but that will be explained later. An introvert often does not mind silence as much as people who want to talk their heads off about things most of us do not care about. If an introvert is comfortable with the fact that sometimes he can’t find anything interesting to say, then he won’t feel the need to say anything at all.

Now, your introvert friend is usually talkative and likes to express their thoughts around other mutual friends, and suddenly they seem to be quiet when you’re around even though you are surrounded by other people, it may mean that they don’t feel comfortable talking around you.

However, there’s an exception to this. In some cases, when an introvert gets quiet around you, it’s possible that they actually like you! they’re nervous around you and prefer to stay quiet rather than make fun of themselves.

Obviously, there are other signs to make sure an introvert secretly likes you.


3) They do not share their interests with you


An introvert who doesn’t like someone won’t want to talk with that person about anything let alone share their interests with them. A typical example is a friend who loves playing video games. If that introvert doesn’t like you, he or she will not offer to play the latest new game with you. They may also become annoyed if you invite them and keep pestering them about playing a certain game even after they declined your invitation many times.


4) They do not lower their defenses just because you are asking


If an introvert decline to enter into a conversation or do anything else that requires lowering his/her defenses, then this person probably does not like you as much as they want it to seem. An introverts’ inner world can be a very interesting place, but most of us only let our closest friends get deep enough into it in order to know what we are thinking.


5) If you call them, the conversation dies after a few moments


Introverts are not against having a long conversation with someone they enjoy talking to, but if there seems to be no interest on their end anymore, then it probably means that they do not like you. In the same way, if you call an introvert and text them after saying something funny, chances are that they will not respond with a good natured quip.


6) They do not make an effort to get to know the people that hang out with you


Introverts tend to be loners, meaning they prefer keeping their group of friends small. If there seems to be no interest in getting to know the people you hang out with, then it is because they do not like you and they don’t want any more reasons to be around you.


7) When they are out with you and others, they mostly avoid you


Introverts don’t usually seek attention; if you look at them while talking to their group of friends and they keep looking away or find other things to do, then this may be a sign that they are not into you.


8) They never invite you to hang out with just them


This is less common than all the previous examples; it does happen though. An introvert who has no interest in getting closer to you will most likely see no reason whatsoever for hanging out with you two alone.


9) They do not make an effort to get to know more about you


This one is very easy to pick up. If they are not interested in getting to know you better. They never ask about things that interest you or even ask you to show them some of your hobbies and such. So, if they never show any interest in that department and don’t seem to want to know you better, then there’s a good chance that they like someone else more than you.


10) They give shorter answers


Most of the time when we are with people we like, we talk a lot even if it seems like there is nothing important to say. Introverts are not exactly big fans of small talk but they would rather give shorter answers or keep their mouths shut whenever they are with people they do not enjoy being around.


11) They show their irritation by your manners and way of speech


This is a very easy sign to check out. If an introvert shows irritation after you make a joke or speak in a less than mannerly way, then this person does not like you at all and they’re more than ready to openly show their dislike.


12) When you are talking to them, they keep looking elsewhere


Introverts can easily feel distracted when they’re not tuned in to the person they’re with; if an introvert appears to be constantly checking out other people or looking anywhere but at you in a bored manner while talking to you. then it’s obvious from their body language shows that you’re not their favorite person at that moment.


13) They get defensive anytime you show interest in getting closer to them


Introverts don’t really have problems interacting with others if they like them; if there seems to be some soft resistance on their part when it comes to you trying to build a stronger relationship with them, then there is a good chance that they already see themselves as not interested in getting to know you better and don’t want to take it any further with you.


14) When it comes to asking for their phone numbers, they often refuse


If an introvert tries to avoid giving you their phone number or any other sensitive information about themselves, then there is a good chance that they are not interested in getting to know you more and like you less than before.

If the person consistently shows some of these signs on a regular basis, that means they’re likely subconsciously telling you to get off their backs. It would be better for you to move on by finding new people to get to know. After all, introverts are hard enough to attract in the first place so it would be futile if you stick around on someone who may have lost interest in getting closer to you.

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