6 Important Tips to Help You Overcome Introvert Shyness

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It’s a fact that shy people are more sensitive and emotional than others. Being shy, especially a shy introvert may affect your self esteem every day as well as how you act around people.

But in all fairness, Shyness in itself isn’t a character flaw, It’s the way you allow it to affect you in your day to day life that determines if it’s a flaw or not. And even for an introvert, the negative effects of being shy can be overcome.


How to Overcome Introvert Shyness


If you want to break the cycle of shyness as an introvert, here are some 6 ways to overcome it.


1. Identify and understand your shyness triggers


An introvert is usually not confident or comfortable with social activities but it doesn’t mean that you should avoid being in the company of people, you just need to know what situations make you feel uncomfortable. For example, shyness can be triggered by:

  • Meeting new people
  • Speaking in front of a group on stage
  • Phone conversations
  • Talking to the opposite sex.

You should identify what triggers that feeling of shyness inside you in order for you to work on overcoming it.


2. Understand why your shyness triggers are what they are


Once you’ve identified your shyness triggers, ask yourself: “Why do these things make me uncomfortable?”  Answering this question will give you an insight into where and how can you overcome it.

For example, if you feel uncomfortable in meetings because you’re not confident to speak your mind or you’re afraid of sounding stupid, what you can do is take time to prepare for the meeting and write down important points that can help you give presentations. Once you’ve broken the cycle of shyness and understand why it happened, you can then start to face it.

Also, if you’re having trouble trying to understand why you feel shy, spending time with other extroverts can help you identify what it is about socializing that makes you uncomfortable. You will be able to get a better understanding as well as try out different ways of approaching them.

I know for sure that helped in my case!


3. Make an effort to overcome shyness triggers


You’ve identified what your shyness triggers are and why they make you feel uncomfortable, the next step is to work on it by doing something about it.

As uncomfortable as the idea of doing something about your shyness is, you have to take action and commit.

To use an example, if you’re afraid of giving a presentation in front of other people, you’d probably worry about it or even fear the fact that they will judge or criticize you. But once you face your fears and focus on why are you presenting to them, you will realize that nothing bad will happen.

It’s hard to believe this but if you think about it, why would you feel afraid of something that has a good outcome? These things require you to get out of your comfort zone but believe me it’s only as big as you make it to be.

When you actually make your move and ditch the overthinking we introverts are notorious for, you’ll find it’s not that big of a deal and you’ll come out a winner no matter the outcome.

Just be self aware during the whole experience that you’re making a move to overcome shyness and to let go of the need for perfection, even speaking in a higher tone or making eye contact during your presentation is good progress.


4. Project yourself in a positive light


Imagine you’re a child going to school for the first time, how would you feel? You’d probably be nervous and worried about how others will treat you especially those who are popular or confident than you.     But as you grow older, you will get used to the situation and after time passes by you wouldn’t even think about it.     Now if this is how kids feel on their first day at school then why do adults allow shyness to affect them? You should understand that your actions are all reflections of yourself in which your fear of being rejected or disliked by people just shows how you see yourself.

The worst thing is that you allow your fear to control your actions and opinions of yourself. And this can affect how others view you as well!

You should also be aware that most people will treat you depending on how you carry yourself around them. I’m not saying that this is a good thing. Everyone should be respected and treated well no matter how they project themselves, but you’re an introvert, right? So you know better than to expect that for society.

If you’re feeling not fit to speak up your mind around others or you’re projecting yourself in any negative way, I’d say you need a mindset change!


5. Create a new positive identity around shyness triggers


This tip aligns with the previous one, overcoming shyness as an introvert may take time and most of the time, it has to do with creating a positive image of yourself.     Try to think that the reason you feel uncomfortable around certain situations is that you haven’t tried it before. Whether it’s giving a presentation in front of strangers or talking to new people, shyness doesn’t mean that you are stupid or bad at communicating with people but it just means that you may need a little practice.     Always keep in mind that the more you force yourself to do something the easier it will get for you to deal with shyness.


 6. Focus on self-improvement and achievement


Overcoming shyness as an introvert is not just about knowing when to speak up or be confident about your opinions, what’s also important is to focus on your own growth and development.     You have to understand that shyness is not something you can completely get rid of but it’s a feeling or emotion that stops you from scaling up and achieving success both on a personal and professional level.     You can’t expect to get what you want in life if shyness is stopping you from going after it.

So one way for you to push past your shyness is to always keep on focusing on what you want to achieve and where you want to be.




For fellow introverts out there who have experienced shyness, you know how hard it is to face situations that you’re afraid of but believe me once you take the opportunity to do so, you’ll not only you get over your fear of being rejected or disliked by people, but it’ll also give you a chance to grow as well. It will help you become more positive about yourself and your actions which is essential in facing whatever challenges life may throw at you.

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