10 Best Careers For INFP Females[ Your Walkthrough Guide]

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Understanding the various career paths you can pursue as an INFP female may help you find the right job opportunities that offer interesting challenges and opportunities to make a difference.

In this article, we define what specific personality traits and goals drive an INFP female in the workplace to help you determine what you might need in your career and share a list of the 10 best careers for INFP females.

INFP personality overview

Individuals with an INFP personality are empathetic and compassionate. As this personality type, you may love helping others and approaching challenges from a values-driven perspective.

As an INFP female, you can offer a unique perspective and understanding of others’ feelings. Many famous counselors, artists, and activists throughout history have had INFP personalities, but this unique style of problem-solving is useful in several industries.

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Other INFP Females strengths you may have include


INFP females often have strong empathetic skills and can understand others’ feelings and perspectives.


An INFP’s approach to challenges is often driven by personal values and a desire to make a positive impact on the world.


As an INFP female, you may have a natural inclination toward creative endeavors such as writing, art, or music.

Career satisfaction for an INFP female

There’s no specific career path right for each personality type, but understanding your personality type can help you gather insights into which career may work well for you.

When you know what traits and motivations you have, you may have clear priorities to set in your career.

What do INFP Females Prefer in the Workplace?

  • Prefer roles that allow them to help others and make a positive impact on the world
  • Thrive upon working in roles that align with their values and allow them to express their creativity
  • Enjoy the freedom to work independently and at their own pace
  • Gravitate toward working with others who share similar values and goals

Questions INFP females can ask to find career satisfaction

At the end of interviews, employers can often ask if you have any questions. This allows the employer to gauge your interest and offers you the opportunity to gain valuable insight into the role and company.

By framing questions according to personality types, traits, motivations, and goals, you can learn beneficial information to determine if this position is the right fit.

INFP females are often motivated by their values and desire to make a positive impact, they can preoccupy themselves by asking the following:

  • What kind of initiatives does this company have to support the community?
  • What opportunities do you have for creative expression in this role?
  • How does this company prioritize and support employee well-being?

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10 Best Careers for INFP Females

1. Counselor or therapist

INFP females often have strong empathetic skills and a desire to help others. They may find satisfaction working as a counselor or therapist, where they can use their skills to provide support and guidance to individuals facing emotional or mental health challenges.

2. Social worker

INFP females often have the desire to make a positive impact on the world and may find satisfaction in working in roles that help marginalized or vulnerable populations. Social work provides the opportunity for them to help improve the lives of others.

3. Artist

INFP females may have a natural inclination towards creative endeavors and may find satisfaction as an artist, whether it’s in the form of visual art, writing, or music. They can explore their creativity and uniquely express themselves.

4. Non-profit worker

INFP females often have a strong sense of values and may find satisfaction working for an organization that aligns with their own values and goals. They may find a rewarding career working for a non-profit organization, where they can use their skills to help others and make a difference in the world.

5. Teacher

INFP females may enjoy working with others and have a natural inclination towards education, they may find satisfaction working as a teacher, where they can use their skills to help guide and inspire students.

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6. Writer

INFP females may find fulfillment in expressing themselves through writing, whether it’s in the form of fiction, nonfiction, or even content creation, INFP females with their natural inclination for creativity can excel in this field.

7. Human Resources

INFP females are often highly empathetic, this trait is helpful in a field like HR, where they can use their skills to help build a positive and supportive work environment for employees.

8. Event Planner

INFP females may find satisfaction in working as event planner, where they can use their skills to create memorable experiences and bring people together.

9. Human Services

INFP females are drawn to helping others, they may find satisfaction working in human services, whether that’s in roles like case management or community outreach.

10. Pet Caretaker

INFP females love for animals may be an asset when working as a pet caretakers, in this role they can be responsible for the care and well-being of pets, which allows them to connect and empathize with animals.

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Overcoming workplace challenges as an INFP female

Here are a couple of skills you might find challenging in the workplace as an INFP female and new ways to think through them:

Managing stress

INFP females can be sensitive to stress and may need to find ways to manage it. This can include setting boundaries, prioritizing self-care, and finding a supportive work-life balance.

Handling conflict

INFP females may find it challenging to handle conflict, but with practice and preparation, they can learn how to effectively communicate their perspectives and find a compromise.


It’s important to note that these career suggestions are not absolute and not all INFP females will find the same level of job satisfaction in these careers, but hopefully, these suggestions can serve as a starting point for INFP females as they explore different career options and paths. Ultimately, it’s important to consider not just your personality type, but also your interests, skills, and values when determining the best career for you.

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