Extraverted Intuition (Ne): 11 Signs You’re an Extraverted Intuitive!

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Intuition is a form of perception that’s more abstract than what our five senses provide us with. It helps us understand patterns in how things work from a distance without being able to see them firsthand.

In other words, it helps you predict the future before it happens!

I already covered introverted intuition, so in this article instead, I’ll be going over the meaning of Extraverted Intuition, what personality types use the Ne cognitive function, and show you 11 signs that you yourself might be an Extraverted intuitive.


What is Extraverted Intuition?


According to the Jungian theory of psychological type, Extraverted intuition is one of the four perceiving functions, the other three being: introverted intuition, extraverted sensing, and introverted sensing.

People with a dominant Ne function use it to gather information from the outside world to understand the possibilities of what’s going on. They have a knack for thinking up new ideas and consider many different viewpoints before committing to something.

It’s more of a global function, meaning that it perceives information in an all-encompassing way instead of individually. That’s why people with dominant Ne are more likely to have an interest in philosophy, politics, science, etc. The idea is everything for them!

The Ne function focuses on the possibilities and the potential of things from a more detached point of view.

This is actually what differentiates Ne from Ni, since Ni users think about the information they’re perceiving in relation to themselves, while Ne users are more interested in what is happening or could happen, looking at it from a separate point of view.

So to put it simply, extroverted intuition is your inner voice, a thought you get at random that seems to get its information from everywhere around you. You can’t really explain it, you just sort of “know” the answer or the solution to something without warning.


What Personality Type Uses the Ne Function?


Now some types might not have dominant Extraverted Intuition but still have it as their auxiliary, tertiary or inferior function.

  • (Ne) as the dominant function of ENP personality types: ENFP, ENTP
  • (Ne) as the auxiliary function of INP personality types: INFP, INTP
  • (Ne) as the tertiary function of ESJ personality types: ESTJ, ESFJ
  • (Ne) as the inferior function of ISJ personality types: ISTJ, ISFJ


11 Signs You’re an Extraverted Intuitive


1. You’re More Focused on Possibilities Than Details


You find yourself more interested in the big picture than having to go through all the little details.

You love coming up with new ideas and exploring as many as you can because you receive so much pleasure and happiness from it.

Pondering on details is just not as fun as wondering about new possibilities.


2. You Rely on Possibilities


You consider many different possibilities and viewpoints before you decide anything that’s important to you.

It’s like every decision you make, no matter how small it is, comes with a risk of what could happen if you choose otherwise.

“What if I do this? Or what if I do that?” is something you ask yourself often because it’s important to you to have a range of choices before you commit to something.


3. You’re Open-Minded


You don’t judge people or situations quickly, instead, you take your time to understand where they’re coming from.

Your goal is the bigger picture, so you often manage to understand people’s intentions better than they can understand them themselves.


4. You’re Full of Questions


You have a hard time being still because you constantly need to figure things out.

“How does X work? How are Y doing this?” are questions you might have continuously rolling around in your mind until you’re satisfied with the answer.

You may even notice that you’re always asking questions that help you follow a certain pattern or a sequence of things because you hate missing out on important information.


5. You Love Discussing New Ideas


Even as an extrovert, your thoughts are your world.

You’re more interested in discussing your thought ideas with people (and that’s what sets you apart from an introvert) than discussing physical reality.

When you discuss a new idea with someone, you find it easy to deliver your point because everything is connected inside your head and want them to tell you if they think it’s plausible or not and they can see what you see and agree with it.


6. You Tend to Be More of a Risk-taker


You understand the risks of every choice without someone telling you about it.

You have to get out of your comfort zone more often because staying there just isn’t satisfying anymore.


7. You Don’t Like to be Cooped Up


You hate staying at the same place for too long because you start to get bored.

You need change in your life, even if it’s something small like trying out a new restaurant or meeting up with a friend that you haven’t seen in a while.


8. You’re Intuitive Around People and Situations


You can tell when something is wrong or when someone has bad intentions because you observe people’s motives and body language.

You know when things aren’t exactly how they appear to be, which makes you the person people go to for advice.


9. You’re More Focused on The Futur


You have a hard time being present because you’re always thinking about what’s going to happen.

Your mind is constantly playing out future scenarios in your head over and over until you make a decision.

This is why you’re more interested in the things that haven’t happened yet and less concerned with what’s happening in front of you in physical reality.


10. You’re Drawn to The Unknown


You get a rush from the unknown because what’s there have more possibilities than what’s already been explored.

You may find yourself scouring the internet for information about things you know nothing about because it seems more interesting than what you already know.

You might not even realize that you’re doing this sometimes because it just feels natural.


11. You Prefer Finding out Information to Having It Told to You


You like having information so you can figure out your own idea about what’s happening.

Information is power, and it gives you the upper hand when you need it.

You like having options and possibilities, instead of having to make a choice without knowing what you’re getting into.


How to develop Extraverted Intuition?


Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your Extraverted Intuition (Ne function):

  • Be open to new possibilities and let your mind wander through them and see where it’ll take you.
  • Imagine multiple different visions of the future. visualizing helps you focus your head in one direction and that’s where you’ll get ideas that’ll help you make the future happen in a way that you control and own.
  • Learn how to ask the right questions, Just think about the reason you’re asking and where you’re going with your questions.
  • You can also practice being in the present moment by bringing your attention to the physical world around you and noticing all of the sensory details you’re experiencing.
  • Don’t try to make yourself more relaxed or go with the flow, instead focus on getting clear about what you want.




Did you enjoy reading about Extraverted Intuition? I hope this article helped you understand it better.

The next article will be about Extraverted Sensing so stay tuned if you’re interested in that topic!

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