Can An Ambivert Become An Introvert?

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I’ve seen this question being asked a couple of times on social media and it made me think “are people aware of the real meaning behind the term ambivert?” 

If you want to know if an ambivert can become an introvert then how much do you really know about ambiversion …

What Is Ambiversion?

Ambiversion is a temperament or a personality trait people are most likely born with.

I say most likely because extroversion and introversion are both hereditary, ambiversion falls in the middle of the introversion-extroversion spectrum. I just haven’t yet found a research paper that states that ambiversion is.

You see, an ambivert is someone who exhibits tendencies of both extroverts and introverts. It’s like the personality of an ambivert is a combination of these two temperaments with individual ambiverts sometimes leaning to one more than the other. 

Ambiverts are actually the most emotionally stable group of people because they offer a good balance. they were introduced as “the stability” by psychologist Hans Eysenck who coined the term “ambivert” in 1947

Now back to our question…

Can An Ambivert Become An Introvert?

According to Vanessa Van Edwards, an author, and publisher at “science of people”: “Ambiverts have also been called:

Outgoing introverts: An introvert who can be outgoing in certain situations, around certain people, or when they absolutely need to.

This leads us to conclude that ultimately, an ambivert is already an introvert. An outgoing introvert to be precise. 

If you think that you’re becoming more introverted and you’re wondering if an ambivert can actually turn into an introvert. Then you need to understand that you already have introverted traits that may dominate your extroverted ones sometimes. But eventually, you’ll still be an ambivert.

Honestly, we all need to understand that our temperaments (introversion, extroversion, and ambiversion) fall onto a spectrum. So there is no such thing as extreme introvert or extrovert. 

An ambivert sitting in the middle can sometimes lean to the extroverted side and others to the introverted one.

If you’re an ambivert, then take it from me, you’re lucky you were born closer to the middle!

Now, how about we reverse the question? 

Can An Introvert Become An Ambivert?

An introvert can definitely become an ambivert. In fact, I believe the healthiest way to grow as an introvert is to move towards ambiversion. 

I love being an introvert.  Spending time alone doing introverted activities is something I truly enjoy. I consider myself to be an intellectual due to the way I process things inwardly and I really don’t appreciate the attention I get sometimes from others.

Nonetheless, I like the idea of being picking certain extroverted traits and being able to act upon them depending on the situation I’m facing. especially in my career. 

I don’t want to feel uncomfortable and awkward when I’m talking to a stranger and I want to be able to start a conversation when I feel like it. 

Isn’t that what ambiversion is about? 

Sometimes the healthiest way to live life is by taking it one situation at another. And behave during those situations naturally-evenly. Not too cautious and certainly not too obnoxious.   

If an introvert wants to become an ambivert, they can do that. It doesn’t happen overnight and it certainly is not the same journey for every introvert.

Every individual’s growth journey is unique, they just need to decide where they want to be and start heading that way. 

Related questions …

How To Pronounce The Word “Ambivert” 

Ambivert pronunciation in English would be “am·buh·vurt”

Is It Rare To Be An Ambivert?

I don’t think anyone knows what percentage of the population is introverted, extroverted, or ambiverts. 

If we’re discussing true ambiverts. The ones who are truly emotionally stable and can behave the way they want no matter the circumstances, then yes those may be rare.

But that’s not really the case here because most ambiverts lean one way or the other on the spectrum, which means that a percentage of introverts and extroverts will be considered ambiverts.

Some experts even suggest that two-thirds of the population are ambiverts. One of them is Barry Smith. Professor of human psychology at the University of Maryland, who said that “Ambiverts make up 68% of the population.

How Do I Know If I’m An Ambivert?

Do you like spending time alone but you also love hanging out with other people? 

Do you enjoy reading a book on Sunday nights, oh but you thrive while partying? 

Being an ambivert means you have introverted tendencies but you also have extroverted ones. Acting upon one or the other depends on your mood and the situation you’re in. 

This article lists down a few common traits ambiverts (outgoing introverts)share.

What Are Good Jobs For Ambiverts?

Having both introverted and extroverted qualities gives an ambivert the advantage of rocking every job out there. I listed a few high paying jobs for ambiverts that I think will be suitable for you, provided you pursue one of them with passion. 

I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any feedback feel free to drop them down in the comments.

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