10 MOST SUITABLE Careers For Ambiverts [High Paying Jobs]

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Knowing your personality and what fits you well is a key element when choosing your career path.

Ambiverts (outgoing introverts) mostly have both introverted and extroverted qualities. So they need to choose careers that give them the ability to lean equally in both directions to thrive.

And because financial motivation is also an important element when choosing the career you want to pursue, I listed below the best high paying jobs for ambiverts and the qualities needed to thrive in each job just to help you out a bit with your decision.

10 Best Careers for ambiverts [High Paying Jobs For Introverts]


1. Teacher


I listed this first because I strongly believe that teaching will fit an ambivert’s tendencies perfectly.

Ambivert teachers will naturally thrive in a familiar environment such as packed classrooms. They can catch their student’s attention and get them hooked on every word they say with ease and without really getting drained. 

More importantly, ambiverts can talk freely in front of others about a subject they know a lot about (or they’re specialized in) without making a big show of it. This is a trait they possess. 

Teaching also requires solitary desk work such as grading papers and planning lessons, which will allow for alone time “if needed” and create a perfect balance with the more outgoing activities.

2. Actor

You’d think that acting is ideal for extroverts only- think again. For years, many talented, worldwide famous introverts and ambiverts have graced the cinemas with their blockbuster movies. Let’s just assume it’s safe to say that acting (provided with enough talent) can be for anyone willing to go for it.

What makes it perfect for ambiverts though is that becoming a well-established actor requires one to be naturally confident, and bold, and can process inwardly and outwardly when filming.

You need to be easy-going and talkative with fans and “paparazzi”. But it’s also crucial to be able to separate your professional life from your personal one and make time for yourself away from the public. It pretty much means you need to have both extroverted and introverted traits to be a natural at acting.

3. Lawyer

Good lawyering requires a bunch of traits that can generally be found in an ambivert’s personality, such as being a good listener.

A good lawyer should perfect the art of attentiveness by listening to their clients, adversaries, colleagues, and even the judges. They can then analyze and synthesize the information they catch for better judgment and later, better advice to their clients.

Other ambivert traits that are also crucial for good lawyering: are assertiveness, creative thinking, the ability to negotiate, and most importantly to convince through verbal and emotional communication. 

4. Film Director

If you’re an ambivert and you aspire to be a film director then you have me supporting you all the way to pursue filmmaking as a career because you probably have the right qualities to be a successful filmmaker.

A good film director must be authoritative to lead an entire team of actors and workers on set. In addition to that, he must possess good communication skills because it’s important to be able to articulate your ideas and production goals to your team. These two extroverted traits can be found in an ambivert. 

For an ambivert who wants to make his own personal brand in the filmmaking industry, you also need to work with your introverted qualities because these are the ones that will make you stand out in a crowd of movie directors.

Your key qualities here are: being creative and a problem solver. The quality of a Movie always stands on a director’s creative magic and his ability to find solutions when things don’t go as planned.   

5. Recruiter

Recruiting is as difficult a job as it seems. My friend is a recruiter, and every time I see her she’s either on the phone or constantly checking her emails. I asked her about what her agency looks for when hiring recruiters and honestly her answer is what made me list this occupation in the post.

Recruiters who have the potential to thrive according to my friend’s agency must have the following qualities: Honesty and integrity when dealing with clients. Flexibility based on the changes in the job world and the ability to adapt your communication skills according to a client’s or a candidate’s needs.

They must also be good listeners, that’s because the best recruiters listen twice as much as they speak.

And lastly, they need to have patience and persistence because oftentimes finding the right candidate for a client doesn’t happen on the first call so it takes both qualities to stay on track and deliver the best choice for your clients. 

These traits are crucial for someone who wants to have a lasting career as a recruiter and this is why it is most appropriate for an ambivert. 

6. Social Media Manager

Social media managers are responsible for creating and executing social media strategies for businesses or organizations. This job requires a mix of creative and analytical skills, which makes it perfect for ambiverts who can balance their social and solitary time.

Ambiverts can utilize their social skills to engage with customers on social media and build brand loyalty. They can also use their introverted side to analyze metrics and data, and tweak their strategies accordingly.

7. Event Planner

Event planners are responsible for organizing and coordinating events such as weddings, conferences, and parties. This job requires a mix of extroverted and introverted skills, which makes it perfect for ambiverts.

Ambiverts can use their extroverted skills to network and build relationships with vendors, clients, and attendees. They can also use their introverted side to research, plan, and coordinate all the details of the event.

8. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create visual content such as logos, websites, and advertisements. This job requires a mix of creative and technical skills, which makes it perfect for ambiverts.

Ambiverts can use their creative skills to come up with innovative designs that communicate a message effectively. They can also use their technical skills to bring those designs to life using software and other tools.

9. Human Resources Specialist

Human resources specialists are responsible for recruiting, hiring, and training employees, as well as handling employee relations and benefits. This job requires a mix of extroverted and introverted skills, which makes it perfect for ambiverts.

Ambiverts can use their extroverted skills to interview and interact with job candidates and employees. They can also use their introverted side to analyze data, manage records, and plan and implement HR policies and procedures.

10. Sales Representative

Sales representatives sell products or services to businesses or consumers. This job requires a mix of extroverted and introverted skills, which makes it perfect for ambiverts.

Ambiverts can use their extroverted skills to build relationships with potential customers and persuade them to buy a product or service. They can also use their introverted side to research and analyze customer needs, prepare sales reports, and plan their sales strategies.


What is the best job for an ambivert?

The best job for an ambivert is one that allows them to use both their extroverted and introverted traits. Some great careers for ambiverts are sales, teaching, marketing, and journalism.

Is it rare to be an ambivert?

No, it is not rare to be an ambivert. Most people are ambiverts to some extent. Ambiverts have a balance of both extroverted and introverted tendencies, which makes them more adaptable in social situations.

What do ambiverts like to do?

Ambiverts enjoy a variety of activities, both social and solitary. They might enjoy going out with friends but also appreciate some alone time to recharge. Ambiverts might enjoy hobbies like reading, writing, or even going to concerts.

Can ambiverts be successful?

Yes, absolutely! Ambiverts have the unique ability to balance both social interaction and introspection, which can make them successful in a variety of careers. Many successful leaders, including Bill Gates and Barack Obama, are known to be ambiverts.

What are the weaknesses of an ambivert?

Ambiverts can sometimes struggle with decision-making, as they may feel torn between their extroverted and introverted tendencies. They might also tend to be indecisive or lack direction at times.

What are the disadvantages of being an ambivert?

One potential disadvantage of being an ambivert is that they may sometimes feel like they don’t fit in with either the extroverted or introverted crowd. They might feel like they don’t belong in social situations or don’t get enough alone time to recharge.

Last thoughts…

Having the right qualities is sure important for you to thrive in your career but you should never disqualify passion.

Being an ambivert does not mean you can never be a freelancer. After all, it’s more suitable for introverts or a politician because people say that it’s a career path only extroverts can walk through.

If you want to pursue a career you think you lack some qualities needed in it then I guess you better start cultivating these qualities.

I went to an education college even though everyone around me said I’m too shy and socially awkward to teach. I went ahead and started teaching right after graduation. Took the first year to learn what works for my introverted personality and what doesn’t. I made my coping strategies during work and I’ve never been more proud of my career choice.

Consider your personality traits and passion.

If you found this post helpful please share and leave some feedback, I’ll appreciate it!

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