Why Do Introverts Like Rain?

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Bright sunny days are nice. The thought of going on a long walk with your dog or going on a date during those sunny days is definitely nice. Oh, but rainy dark days will always have a special place in the hearts of introverts. It’s fairly common that introverts around the world love rainy days and the funny thing is that a lot of them don’t even know why! Maybe science will prove in the future that it’s in our genes just like being an introvert is. But until then, here are some obvious reasons why introverts like rain.

The atmosphere on rainy days puts our introverted minds at ease. The days seem to pass slower, allowing us the time to take things in and peacefully turn inward without any stimuli disturbing us. It’s like overstimulation is no longer a thing in this atmosphere. 

Another relaxing thing about the rain is its sound. The consistent pattern of the rain falling and the sound of it hitting the roofs, windows, and even umbrellas when we’re outdoors is such a relaxing factor you just want to stand beside the window watching the beautiful sight created by the rain or lie in your bed listening to it and letting your mind wander freely.  

  • The smell of rain

That earthy smell that comes from raindrops hitting the ground and the smell of freshness afterward is reason enough to like rain. I sometimes go outside when it starts raining just to inhale the earthy smell. 

I’m often comforted by the smell of rain. It’s something that I truly enjoy and I feel connected to nature even when I’m indoors. Us introverts always seek meaning or some connection to anything around us to truly give it value and the smell of the rain gives us that primal feeling that we are connected to the earth and nature.  

  • Rain cancels plans 

It’s our universal excuse for canceling plans and what a comfy, guilt-free feeling it is to cancel a plan because well “it’s raining outside”. 

I even go the extra mile to celebrate getting out of my social commitments during rainy nights by curling up in bed with my cat next to me and a historical romance book between my hands and I spend hours lost in that story.

How is rain not special to other introverts like me then?

  • More time indoors 

I’ve never met a single introvert who doesn’t enjoy staying home and minding their own introverted business indoors.

Being introverts, our homes mean a lot to us because they’re familiar, safe, and quiet. A place where you can put your guard down and rest

Rain gives us the opportunity to enjoy more of that sanctuary and stay away from overstimulating places. 

Most importantly, staying home during rainy days comes with less expectation, fewer demands, and more lazy productivity. That’s being productive at your own pace actually. 

  • Rain is the best live ASMR

Rain creates a white noise that seems like it’s constantly running in the background. It affects our brains the same way ASMR sounds and visuals do. Even better, this white noise works like a live “unintentional ASMR” allowing an introvert’s mind to stop overthinking and enter a peaceful state of meditation that eventually gets him to sleep. No wonder Youtube is full of ASMR videos featuring the rain with millions of views!

  • Less engagement outside 

Introverts can’t stand small talk. It’s a form of positive politeness that we find useless and a waste of time. Furthermore, we hate small talk because we’re not what you would call a social butterfly, so engaging in a light conversation about the weather takes away precious energy

Here comes the benefit of walking outside in the rain. People will rarely stop you for a chat in the middle of the rain and what a heaven of solitude it is to be able to walk home or to work in peace with no one to interrupt you whatsoever. 

  • Rain is romantic 

You know what I mean. Rain creates the perfect atmosphere for a romantic date night indoors. Spending time with each other on rainy days creates an intimate connection that I don’t think will be easy to break.

The warmth, the sound of the rain, and the quietness are just what an introvert needs to create a memorable date with their partner. Even a simple thing like watching a movie togather while cuddling on the sofa will have a romantic feel to it if it was raining.

I guess this pretty much sums up why I believe introverts like the rain and find it special. If you have another reason why you- as an introvert like the rain, feel free to add it!

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Sarra is a behavioral science student and HS science teacher ( also a cat mom! ) who obsesses over typing people but can't seem to type her own self. Let's just say that for the time being, she's a cross between an INFJ and INFP!

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