Where Do Introverts Find Partners? Here’s The Answer

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In dating, as in life, there are two types of people: those who prefer to take the lead and others who prefer to react.

The first type tends to be more outgoing and talkative while the second is more introverted and shy.

Introverts have a harder time finding partners because they don’t want to date just for the sake of dating and a lot of them don’t know what to expect from dating as introverts.

Introverts are typically more selective when dating because they know what they want in a partner and this makes it harder for them to find a suitable one.

With dating, as with life, you can’t always get everything you want but if you’re an introvert looking for love, these suggestions may help you find a partner you won’t regret dating.

6 Places Where Introverts Can Find Partners


  1. Online dating sites for introverts

Online dating is not just for extroverts anymore! Online dating has become one of the most popular ways to find love, even among introverts. According to a recent study by OkCupid, around 25% of new relationships start online. That’s more than any other way including meeting in bars/clubs.

Being an introvert, there’s no doubt that online dating is the best option for you to find the one.

You can get to know people without having to worry about awkward conversations and dating fumbles.

Using online dating apps and sites, you’re able to get to know potential partners through photos and written profiles instead of talking with them live. I think this will provide a comfortable atmosphere that allows us introverts to feel free to express ourselves.

  1. Social networking sites (e.g., Facebook, Reddit)

Social media groups like the ones you find on Facebook or Reddit provide an excellent opportunity to meet potential partners without having any risk involved.

These social media apps are not just for networking with friends and family but they also provide a space for dating.

Facebook has become the most popular social media site in the world and it provides an opportunity to find people who share common interests or hobbies.

If you’re into something specific then a quick search on Facebook will reveal some interesting groups to join. Reddit is also a great place where you can find great subreddits that are full of interesting people.

  1. Places where you feel comfortable talking to people (e.g., libraries, bookstores)

I know that an introvert like you will likely feel uncomfortable going up to someone you find interesting in a public and crowded place like a bar or a party, so that’s why I suggest that you try finding a partner in more intimate and quiet places such as libraries, bookstores, or even the supermarket (don’t curse me).

A library actually gives you all the time and space you need to talk to someone if that someone seems interesting, and it is a place with a wide dating pool as well, since anyone who is there is likely to be a book-enthusiast just like you.

Bookstores are similar to libraries in the dating pool they provide, but they’re more intimate because most bookstores have small corners dedicated to people who want to sit down and read a book in peace, meaning that talking to someone won’t be as embarrassing since everyone else is there for the same reason as you.

The supermarket..well, there’s food and there are people who are shopping for it just like you do.

Now isn’t this an interesting thing you have in common with your future partner! talk to them about food in the supermarket! (wink)

  1. Small gatherings between family or friends

You know your family and friends, so you know if they’re having a small get together this weekend. just tag along!

It may be easier for you to find a dating partner among your family and friends. especially if they are having a small get together this weekend, chances are that they might invite someone you can’t wait to finally meet.

If they are doing it in a private place with limited people, then lucky for you that you won’t have to talk much in order to find a partner, because everyone will be there mostly to enjoy themselves and eat delicious food without a care in the world.

If you’re okay with the idea, ask your friends and family to introduce you to someone there, and they might actually know someone who is the perfect dating partner of your dreams!

  1. volunteering and doing charity work

I know that you’re a person full of emotions and feelings, and that is why I’m sure that working on causes that you find interesting will attract dating partners that are into the same things as well.

Just like you, they too may enjoy helping people and being part of a team, meaning that you have something in common dating-wise.

and dating partners are easy to find when you’re working on the same cause that you are because dating partners who have the same interests as you are not easy to find.

So get out there and work on the things you care about!

  1. Lastly, college or your workplace!

You can’t always depend on your family and friends so why not try looking for dating partners where you spend a lot of time anyway?

It is more than likely that dating partners are in your college or workplace, so if you’re hesitant to ask your family and friends for dating advice or suggestions, then try looking for dating partners there.

I know that this is the hardest option for you as an introvert because college or your office are places where you can easily be uncomfortable, but believe me when I say that places you often go to on a daily basis will give you the chance to meet and get to know your future partner at your own pace before you both decide to take it to the next level.


If you’re an introvert and dating is difficult for you, don’t worry. There are many places where your dating pool will be larger than it may seem at first glance. You just need to try searching in the right place that suits your personality type best like what’s suggested above.

Good luck on your dating journey!

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