Here’s What to Do When an Introvert Ignores You

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There are a million and one ways to respond when an introvert ignores you. You could ignore them back, for example, or shout obscenities at them from across the street. Or maybe you’d prefer to just let it go; they might have something on their mind that’s bothering them, after all. But if none of those options seem like viable solutions for your problem, here are some more drastic steps you can take.


8 Things to Do When an Introvert is Ignoring You


  1.   Be patient


Not everyone processes information the same way, and not every introverted individual learns in the same way or moves at the same pace. This can frustrate extroverts who may feel as if their “social experiment” is a failure when the introvert fails to respond immediately.

It’s actually best for you to have zero expectation for an introvert to reply quickly to any of your calls or messages. and remember that it’s not personal I know it might feel like that, but trust me. You are just not an important priority to them right now and they’ll come around sooner or later.


  1.   Ask if they’re busy


The best way to get an introvert’s attention is to show them that you are willing to wait until they’re ready and willing. Introverts need space, so let them know that you will come back later if they aren’t ready or available.


  1.   Let them be


Introverts recharge their energy by spending time alone and sometimes they need a break from socializing, either in short bursts or long periods of isolation. Understand that this is how they function and don’t take it personally if they don’t immediately answer your messages or turn down invitations.


  1.   Give them their space


Even though introverts enjoy close relationships, they don’t have to spend all of their time with the same people in order to feel satisfied. If they’re determined to be alone or with only one other person, give them that freedom and don’t make demands upon them.


  1. If it lasts longer, confront them about it


Introverts are generally unwilling to express their feelings and thoughts, even when asked directly. If your attempts to get through to them have failed, you’ll need to be a lot more direct than usual. Don’t accuse them of anything, but ask if they’d prefer not to hang out for a while with you in order to find someone who can understand them better.


  1.   Be honest with them


Introverts will know that you’re being genuine because they approach life from a logical perspective, so if you tell them how you feel about the situation, they’ll understand. Tell your introverted friend that you’re bothered by them ignoring you and ask why they think it might be happening. Open communication is a cornerstone of good relationships, so don’t get discouraged if the conversation isn’t easy at first.


  1. It’s okay, let them go


Just because you’re close to an introvert doesn’t mean that you own them. It’s easy for introverts to feel smothered by a constant stream of communication from friends and family, so don’t try to keep in touch when they’ve asked you not to. Respect their boundaries even if it seems like something is wrong, and remind yourself of all of the reasons why you’re lucky to have such a good friend in the first place.


  1.   keep asking about them from time to time


You never know, they might just come around eventually!

The best way to gain the trust of an introvert is by letting them know that you’re not going anywhere. Allow them the time and space they need to recharge their batteries and don’t be afraid to go for long periods without getting a response from them. As soon as an introvert feels as if he is being suffocated, he/she will go into hiding mode and use any excuse possible to avoid communication with you. Instead, keep asking about them from time to time and remind them that they have your love and support whenever they’re ready to talk.

In conclusion, it’s a good idea to take your time when befriending or getting in a relationship with an introvert. Don’t rush things and don’t expect anything from them until they believe in you too. The best way to understand an introvert is not by asking them questions but by observing them, keeping the atmosphere light and fun, and allowing their natural inclinations to shine through without any pressure to conform to your needs.


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