6 Useful Online Dating Tips For Introverts

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Even though online dating for introverts is considered the most suitable method to go about finding love, this doesn’t mean it’s easy.

As an introvert, you’ve probably found that it’s often hard to strike up conversations with people.

Unfortunately, this will make it difficult to find someone who is interested in you romantically because you won’t be initiating anything!

If you approach online dating properly though, there are plenty of benefits to be enjoyed.

Introverts are naturally drawn to the Internet because it can give them the space and time they need in order to formulate their thoughts, without interruption.

For this reason, Here are some tips to help you on your online dating journey 

6 Useful Online Dating Tips For Introverts

1. Use a genuine profile picture

Use a photo that accurately reflects you. From your dating profile, an introvert is going to be looking for someone who is similar to themselves. By using a romantic or flattering image that doesn’t truly represent yourself-you will end up attracting the wrong kind of people. This means that you won’t get many matches and waste time! Use descriptive words in your profile as well as a link to your social media sites. This is so that people can see what you are interested in and what you do on a daily basis. 

2. Be straightforward

It’s best to have a polite but straightforward approach when asking someone out by message first-and save physical compliments for later unless the other person initiates conversation first. Introverts are not great at initiating conversations so it’s best to be honest and direct when sending the first message so that you have made your intentions clear. You could even say something like, “I noticed you went kayaking last week-that sounds amazing! I would love to go some time.” This shows an interest in what they do and what they like, but it doesn’t sound too personal. If they are interested, then the other person will most likely reply.

  1. Don’t waste your time

Accept that there might be a few people you connect with who won’t be romantically interested, you should probably keep this in mind from the beginning and try to look out for the signs early on. This way, you can avoid wasting time trying to get to know someone who isn’t interested in you.

  1. Be Honest

It’s best to be honest about your intentions; this means not showering someone with compliments and flattery if it isn’t completely sincere. Introverts like people for who they are and what they enjoy: showing interest is a great way to start a conversation but don’t do everything to compliment someone; this will make them feel uncomfortable and it may make you look insincere.

If you are too embarrassed to message first, then send a wink instead: this is like a less intrusive version of sending a message and the recipient won’t be able to reply directly (unless they do want to). Introverts can also use dating sites that aren’t solely focused on dating too-this way, there is more of a chance of making friends than finding love. 

  1. Go For What You Want

Introverts will be more inclined to wait for someone else to make moves and this might put them at a disadvantage. If you want someone, tell them! You have as much right as anyone else to go after the type of person you are interested in, so don’t hold yourself back-if you like someone then there’s no need to play games.

  1. Keep in touch

Once you have got a match, you might start overthinking it and the thought of ghosting your match starts to sound tempting. However, this can leave the other person feeling confused and even rejected. Introverts tend to think too much about things and it’s natural for them to think the worst of certain situations, so if you are ghosting someone-stop yourself! It isn’t worth any possible problems later on.


One of the best things about online dating for us introverts is that you can browse through profiles and messages without having to engage in conversation, so this gives you time to think before sending a message if you want. If someone doesn’t reply to your first message then it might be because they are not interested; try not to take it personally, move on and find someone who you are more suited to.

Dating online is a great way for introverts to meet people, but remember not everyone will be romantically interested in you-be prepared for this! Make sure you choose the right kinds of sites too so that you can approach your search accordingly.

Stay safe out there and good luck!

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