Understanding The INFJ Ni-Ti Loop and How to Cope With It

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It’s common to hear an INFJ say that they don’t feel like themselves, that they’re stuck inside their heads, or that they just cannot get out of a toxic state.

This is a serious problem for INFJs who have  developed the dreaded “Ni-Ti loop”

In this article, we will explore the INFJ Ni-Ti Loop, how it can affect an INFJ’s daily life, and finally, we’ll offer ways to cope with the loop and gain balance in your life.


What is The INFJ Ni-Ti Loop?


The INFJ Ni-Ti Loop occurs when an INFJ uses their Ni (dominant function ) to gather information through recognizing patterns and their Ti (tertiary function) to logically analyze this information gathered and make decisions based on them.

By doing this they’re bypassing their Fe (auxiliary function), the one they naturally use to make judgments and going straight from Ni to Ti.

This causes the INFJ to fall into an internal loop of analyzing their intuition with no way of reaching a final decision.


What Causes The INFJ Ni-Ti Loop?


The INFJ Personality Type is one who is very focused on their inner world and their intuition since Ni is their dominant function but they’re also passionate about people and helping others since they have the extraverted feeling function as their auxiliary function.

Being introverts, INFJs tend to take short periods of time where they retreat to themselves away from other people as a way of minimizing over-stimulation and social burnout.

This is all too good until the INFJ’s solitude phase prolongs and they start analyzing their intuitive data using their Introverted Thinking instead of their Extraverted feeling function.

The INFJ in this case will Rely on their introverted functions ( Ni, Ti) in their solitude and neglect their extraverted functions(Fe, Se).

They’ll use their intuition to perceive countless ideas and perceptions and their thinking to internally organize these ideas and thought into logical and practical concepts just for the sake of analyzing. This process continuously repeats itself in the INFJ’s head leading them to fall into a loop of indecision.


What Does INFJ Ni-Ti Loop Feel Like?


INFJs who reported that they went through the INFJ Ni-Ti Loop call it ‘The INFJ Depression Loop‘ since it causes them to feel even more isolated, hopeless, and lonely.

An INFJ in this state loses interest in helping anyone which makes them self-doubt themselves because they’re naturally empathetic. Even more, They’ll push people away and feel like they’re not good enough to accomplish anything.

They’ll overanalyze any idea that comes to mind and will feel stuck in their own heads fighting imaginary problems that can’t seem to have a solution.

INFJs stuck in the Ni-Ti loop will be detached from reality and the people around them. It can cause them to lose close relationships because they develop a feeling of emptiness. There’s just a void inside.

Procrastination is also a very common aspect of the Ni-Ti loop. INFJs will find any excuse possible to avoid finishing their project or achieving anything, which could make them feel even more guilty.


How to Break Free of the Ni-Ti Loop?


INFJs can overcome this by recognizing that they’re stuck in their Ni-Ti loop and that it’s not a healthy way to live.

Identifying that their endless internal battle is caused by their Ti function stepping out of its place inline instead of the Fe function is a huge step to taking action to turn back to their balanced state.

The simple answer to breaking free of the introverted Ni-Ti loop is to use your extraverted feeling to drive your judgments more.

You can only do that by:

  • Going out of your way to include people back into your daily life. Engage with people and help them!


-Join a club or group that interests you

-Volunteer or donate your time to a cause you care about.

-Share your thoughts and feelings with someone you trust and who will listen.

-Look for opportunities to help others, even in small ways

-If you find yourself withdrawing, force yourself to do something that forces interacting with people. Don’t expect to feel like you used to before. You must force yourself first to get what you used to before.

-Remember your loved ones who are waiting for you to get out of this state, at least start by calling them and asking about how they’re doing. Make a promise to check on them later so you can hold yourself accountable. Can’t call? Just write them a text. That’s the least you can do for them.

-Go on social media and be positive and supportive to strangers if being around people you know is hard at first. There are a lot of wholesome groups online where you can offer your support behind the screens.

Doing these activities will eventually bring back your reliance on your Fe function because it’s your natural way of processing your intuitive perceptions.

If this state lasts for longer than a few months, you should seriously consider seeing a mental health professional for some guidance. 




Lack of empathy, Procrastination, loneliness and social isolation are the symptoms of INFJs stuck in introverted Ni-Ti loop.

This loop can cause them to lose their close relationships, feel isolated and depressed. If you identify this loop in yourself, be proactive and push yourself to do something about it. anything no matter how small it seems can be beneficial.

Lastly, if you know someone who’s stuck in this unhealthy loop, Remember that the INFJs who are in this state are probably feeling lost, numb, alone, and isolated, and that’s why they push everyone away. It’s not personal, it’s not about you.

Be supportive and encouraging, provide them with an open ear to listen. Don’t try to solve their problems for them. That’s not your job. Listen and let them know you’re there for them.

The best thing you can do to help your INFJ friends stuck in this loop is to keep being a positive presence in their life.

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