How To Make Friends As An Introvert With Social Anxiety?

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How can introverts with social anxiety make friends in a world where extroversion is favored? It’s easy to feel like you’re always on the outside looking in, or that there are just too many people and you’re not a social butterfly.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! This article will give you dear introverts tips on how to make friends despite your introverted nature and having social anxiety.

How To Make Friends As An Introvert With Social Anxiety?

The first step for making new friendships as an introvert with social anxiety is to find people who also have introverted tendencies or are on the same wavelength. It can be hard, but it’s important to remember that there are others out there like you!

We introverts are likely to have an easier time befriending other introverts. So look for people who also enjoy their alone time and don’t mind spending long periods of time in solitude.

They may not be the most outgoing, but we don’t want to be around the most outgoing sort if we have social anxiety, now do we?

In fact, what we want is a head to head meaningful conversation. an indoors, wearing PJs movie nights and long walks in the park sharing secrets knowing they’re safe with this friend.

Oh, but going to a fun party together from time to time won’t harm our introverted souls though…

Back on track…

Here are some ways to make friends as a socially anxious introvert…

Social media for introverts

Having social anxiety, I think it’s safe to say that we’re most comfortable looking for friends on social media.

So here’s an obvious tip: Check out introvert-oriented social media groups and as shocking as this may sound to some of you, being introverted and all, there are literally hundreds of “introvert” communities out there on the internet with great people doing their best to support and comfort and just be there for fellow introverts behind the screen.

You can find and join them if you look on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and a lot of other different social platforms.

Also, if you’re on a dating site like OkCupid or Tinder, specifying that you’re looking for people with introverted tendencies is also an option! This actually filters your options and even allows other introverts to make a move on you, yay!

Volunteering as an introvert

Another step to making friends as an introvert with social anxiety is volunteering. Volunteering is a great way for us introverts to both give back and meet people who might be able to become our friends.

The best way to go about volunteering being an introvert with social anxiety is to choose something that you’re passionate about and look for any volunteering positions related to it.

Let’s say for example you’re passionate about animals, you’ll definitely find it easy to volunteer in an animal shelter. Working with animals, in this case, will make communicating and making friends with people in the shelter easier on your nervous system.

Volunteer opportunities are plentiful and there is no excuse to avoid them if they’re right up your alley. You can volunteer at a soup kitchen if you’re passionate about cooking, at the local library if you’re a bookworm, or at another social service agency if you genuinely like helping others.

The more things you volunteer to do, the higher your chances of meeting a new friend while doing what you love. and that’s the tea!

Sharing a Hobby

If you’re an introvert who struggles with social anxiety, this is the best way to make friends outside of the internet.

You can start by taking a class at your local community college that interests you. If classes aren’t for you, try joining a book club or find something else fun and new to do in town like hiking or going bowling! yes, dear, you can do it.

Think about some social or outdoor hobby that you wanted to do and you just kept holding yourself back thinking you’re too introverted for such a hobby and making up every worst possible scenario in your head.

Now think about the possibility of landing a good friend through this hobby. make this possibility your new motivation to go for the hobby you’ve always wanted to do and make that friend!


How do socially anxious introverts make friends?

Socially anxious introverts may find it challenging to make friends, but they can do so by taking small steps and gradually building their social skills. Some suggestions include joining groups with similar interests, attending social events, volunteering, and trying online platforms like Meetup or Bumble BFF.

Can you be an introvert and have social anxiety?

Yes, it is possible to be both an introvert and have social anxiety. While introversion is a personality trait characterized by a preference for solitude and quiet environments, social anxiety is a condition marked by a fear of social situations and the potential for negative judgment by others.

Why is it hard for introverts to socialize?

Introverts may find socializing challenging because they often need time to recharge after social interactions. They may also feel overwhelmed or anxious in large social settings, preferring more intimate gatherings or one-on-one conversations.

How do extremely introverts make friends?

Extremely introverted individuals may find it more challenging to make friends than others, but they can do so by seeking out opportunities that align with their interests and comfort level. They may prefer more low-key social situations like book clubs or hiking groups, and they may need to take time to recharge after socializing.

What makes an introvert happy?

Introverts may find happiness in quiet activities like reading, writing, or creating art. They may also enjoy spending time with a few close friends or family members and engaging in meaningful conversations. Introverts may also appreciate opportunities to recharge and have time to themselves.


In conclusion, making friends can be hard when you’re an introvert, one with social anxiety at that. But you can do it if you’re willing to look in the right places … or groups.

I hope I provided you with new ideas for finding friends when all the other methods seem like too much work. Don’t give up! Your future best friend is out there waiting for you – just keep looking until they come along.

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