How To Make An Introvert Jealous ?

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you like an introvert (or else you’re the introvert).

Naturally, when we like (or love) someone we wish for some indication that they like us back. We want proof they’re interested in us. And there is no better proof than jealousy.

Does An Introvert Get Jealous?

You bet!

We’re normal human beings, you know. Not that I can back this up scientifically, but I think introverts are more prone to get jealous of their partners than extroverts.

That’s because we’re secretly more possessive than our dear extroverts. We won’t actually go out of our way to pronounce it to our partner saying we want them for ourselves, that’s too much revelation and it’s honestly best kept inside if things don’t go out of hand. But still, I want you to know that the need to keep our partners to ourselves is always there.

I’ll give myself permission to say we introverts, the ones who are emotionally mature enough, get jealous because we really care about our partners. We sure wouldn’t want to share our partners with any other party if we care enough about them.

I keep analyzing the way I feel about things, and I really believe being jealous as an introvert in a relationship is just another form of caring about them. What do you think about this?

I’ll get to the part where I clarify what this kind of jealousy actually means, you guys, not every jealousy is taken as proof of care.

How To Make An Introvert Jealous ?

Oh boy! This should be interesting …

I went on and asked a bunch of introverted good friends of mine about what triggers their jealousy in a relationship and here’s what I got you from my not so obvious investigation!

1. Tell Them About The Good Time You Spent Without Them.

If an introvert likes you enough (and that’s what we want to prove here, right?) they’ll get jealous of you having a good time with others- without them.

Tell them about the fun you had at your last birthday party with close friends, talk about a trip you went on with your friends and even send some pictures showing you having the time of your life. All these things are bound to make them jealous and put you on their radar and you know what? they’ll definitely want to be there next time too!

2. Make Deep Connections With Others

This one is a deal breaker I kid you not.

Being an introvert, your partner will want to be the closest person to you, even closer than your family sometimes. they’ll you to share things with them no one else knows about. Your introvert will obviously get jealous if you make them feel like they’re not the only ones you have a deep connection with.

If only for the sake of getting them jealous, the best way to achieve that is to make them feel like they’re not the closest person in your life, you can do that by making it obvious other people are part of your world too and some of them understand you just as good as your introvert does.

Now, that doesn’t mean you have to divert all your attention away from him/her. Just make sure you show at least some love for the few people you deem close to you and wait for their reaction.

3. Tag Others On Social Media

This is a good way to test your introvert’s jealousy, If you follow each on all social media platforms, you can choose one of your mutual friends and tag them in funny posts and memes or comment on their pictures. If you get asked about it, it definitely means you got them all worked up and jealous of this person sharing your time online with them.

4. Ask For Their Opinion About Someone Saying You Really Like Their Personality.

I just have to tell you the story behind this. My introverted friend was asked by her now boyfriend (he was just her crush at the time ) about her best friend who was outgoing and overall fun to be around, she got so jealous during their talk and actually spilled out that she’s not okay with him appreciating someone else’s personality around her because she likes him ! turns out he liked her too and he was just trying to pick up a conversation with her by mentioning her best friend!

Apparently, jealousy makes us introverts bold. You should try this out with your introvert and tell us the outcome.

5. Be More At Ease When You’re Together With Others

This one is for my introverted readers seeking to make their introverted partners jealous.

I know, I know… reading this tip, you’re probably thinking: I’d be at ease all the time if I could!

It’s hard for us to be comfortable around others especially people we’re not really close with. But you’re on a mission dear! you, for whatever reason known to you, want to make your introvert jealous so you can use a pep talk before going out together to meet some mutual friends and definitely rely on being aware of your body language and behavior during the meetup, laugh more, talk more … you’ll definitely catch your introvert’s attention and they’ll wonder why you’re at ease with others.

there’s actually nothing wrong with being jealous over our partner having a good time with others, if you’re an introvert like me, you’ll understand that this comes from our possessive nature, I don’t mean Wattpad stories\ dark romance books kind of possessiveness though, that thing is toxic.

6. Ignore Their Texts And Calls

Obvious tip! not only introverts but anyone on earth who cares about their partner will get jealous when said partner ignores their texts and calls. It may be even more obvious for introverts giving our tendency to overthink things and make up all sorts of scenarios with our oh so vivid imagination, so it’s a tip that I had to add in case you’re looking for something obvious.

How To Know If An Introvert Is Jealous

I know for a fact that most of us introverts will try to hide our jealousy ( definitely excluding my friends at tip n# 4 ). But to be honest, there are many signs of an introvert’s jealousy.

An obvious sign is eye contact. If your introvert’s eyes don’t meet yours in a conversation during which you’re telling them about the good time you spent without them, that’s probably a sign of jealousy.

another sign is when they close off with you, they might unusually ignore your texts or give short answers when talking on the phone with you. their tone might even change when they get jealous.

Also if you suspect them getting jealous, you can ask them about it and see how they react. If they seem upset or nervous that only means they’re trying to hide it.

In conclusion, If you’re looking for a way to make an introvert jealous, then these tips should help. The clues I’ve provided may be able to tell you whether your partner is actually experiencing feelings of jealously or not. Take them into consideration and see what happens – but don’t forget that some people just aren’t as expressive with their emotions, especially introverts!

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