The ISFP 9w1 : Characteristics, Weaknesses and Famous Characters

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This guide will explore the ISFP 9w1 personality type. We’ll look at the key characteristics, weaknesses, and some famous characters that fit this personality type.


What Does ISFP 9w1 Mean?


The ISFP 9w1 personality is a unique blend of the Myers Briggs ISFP type and Enneagram type 9 wing 1.

This combination results in a personality that is both creative and gentle, but also has a strong sense of morality and integrity.

This personality type is mainly driven by the core desire to be good and do good in the world. 9w1 ISFPs want to make a positive difference in the world, and they are often very idealistic.

Their core fear is  of being seen as bad or evil, and they often strive to be the best person they can be.


Key characteristics of the ISFP 9w1


Highly creative


This personality type is highly creative. They are often good at art, music, or any other creative endeavor. They have a strong sense of aesthetics and enjoy beauty in all forms.

Gentle and compassionate

ISFP 9w1s are gentle souls as they care deeply about others. They are highly compassionate and often put the needs of others before their own.


Strong sense of morality


This personality type has a strong sense of morality. They believe in doing what is right and often stand up for the underdog.


Highly idealistic


ISFP 9w1s are highly idealistic and often strive to make the world a better place. They want to make a difference in the world and often have strong opinions on social issues.




ISFP 9w1s are practical people. They are down to earth and often have a lot of common sense. They are good at problem-solving and often come up with creative solutions.




This personality type is reserved in nature. They are not the type to seek out attention or be the life of the party. They prefer to stay in the background and let their actions speak for themselves.




ISFP 9w1s are quiet people. They often prefer to spend time alone or with a small group of close friends. They are not comfortable being in the spotlight and can be introverted at times.


Key Weaknesses of the ISFP 9w1




This personality type can be a perfectionist. They often have high standards for themselves and others and can be critical if these standards are not met.




ISFP 9w1s can be judgemental of others. They often have strong opinions on social issues and can be quick to judge those who do not share their beliefs.




This personality type is highly sensitive. They feel things deeply and can be easily hurt by the actions of others. They often need a lot of time alone to process their feelings.




ISFP 9w1s can be stubborn. They often have strong opinions and can be resistant to change. They can be inflexible in their thinking and can have a hard time seeing other points of view.




9w1 ISFPs can be anxious people. They often worry about the future and can be highly sensitive to criticism. They might have a hard time dealing with change and can feel overwhelmed easily.


8 Best careers for the ISFP 9w1 personality type


This personality type will naturally thrive in careers that allow  them to use their creativity and artistic abilities.

They will also do well in careers that involve helping others, as they are very compassionate people.

Here are 8 career options that we think would be a great fit for the ISFP 9w1 personality type:

1. Artist

2. Graphic Designer

3. Event Planner

4. Social Worker

5. Psychologist

6. Chef

7. Fashion Designer

8. Musician


Famous ISFP 9w1 Characters


ISFP 9w1 Fictional Characters


  • Finn Shelby (Peaky Blinders 2013)
  • Han Lue (The Fast and the Furious)
  • Helga (Vikings 2013)
  • Myrcella Baratheon (Game of Thrones 2011)
  • Chato Santana “El Diablo” (DC Extended Universe)
  • Ali Abdul / No. 199 (Squid Game 2021)
  • Doofus Rick (Rick and Morty 2013)
  • Winnie-the-Pooh (Winnie-the-Pooh)
  • Bill Denbrough (It 2017)
  • Jon Snow (Game of Thrones 2011)
  • Walter “Flynn” White. Jr (Breaking Bad 2008)
  • Fantine (Les Misérables)
  • Grace Burgess (Peaky Blinders 2013)


ISFP 9w1 Anime Characters


  • Rin (InuYasha)
  • Oxnard (Hamtaro)
  • Butterfree (Pokémon)
  • Takemichi “Takemitchy” Hanagaki (Tokyo Revengers)
  • Chiaotzu (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Tooru Mutsuki (Tokyo Ghoul)
  • Azumane Asahi (Haikyuu)


ISFP 9w1 Celebrities/ Historical Figures


  • Audrey Hepburn (Actress)
  • Tom Felton (Actor)
  • Rami Malek (Actor)
  • Claude Debussy (Musician)
  • Taeyang (Kpop: BIGBANG)
  • Louis XVI of France (King)
  • John Legend (Musician)
  • Jinhwan / Jay (Kpop: iKon)
  • Gareth Bale (Soccer)
  • Park Shin-hye (Actress)
  • Mohamed Morsi (Politician)
  • Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark (Royal Family)




Can an ISFP be Enneagram 9?


According to typology central, the second most identified type among ISFPs is the enneagram type 9. They make up about 34% of all ISFPs. and it’s logical as both types share a lot of similarities.


ISFP 9w1 Meaning?


The ISFP 9w1 personality type is a unique individual who is both independent and supportive. They are usually artistic and have strong values. They may be seen as dreamers, but they are also down-to-earth and practical.


ISFP 9w1 vs 9w8?


The 9w1 ISFP is more in touch with their feelings and emotions than the 9w8 ISFP. They are more compassionate and sensitive to others, and they are generally more gentle in their demeanor.


ISFP 9w1 vs ISFP 1w9?


Both types share their Fi and Se, but the ISFP 9w1 is a more withdrawn type than the ISFP 1w9. The ISFP 9w1 is content to live in their own little world and doesn’t need much stimulation from the outside.

They are happy with simple pleasures and don’t need much excitement in their lives.

The ISFP 1w9 is more outgoing and prefers to be in the thick of things. They like to experience new things and are always on the lookout for new challenges.


ISFP 9w1 vs ISTP 9w1?


The 9w1 ISTP is definitely more of a “lone wolf” type, while the 9w1 ISFP is more likely to be a “pack animal.”

Both types are independent and value their freedom, but ISTP 9w1s are generally more comfortable going it alone than ISFP 9w1s.




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We encourage you to keep exploring and growing, no matter what your personality type is! Thank you for reading this guide!

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