The ISFP 6w7 : Characteristics, Weaknesses and Famous Characters

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This guide will explore the ISFP 6w7 personality type. We’ll take a look at the key characteristics, weaknesses, and some famous characters that fit this personality type.

What Does ISFP 6w7 Mean?


The ENTP 4w3 personality is a unique blend of the Myers Briggs ISFP type and Enneagram type 6 wing 7.

This combination results in a personality that is Creative, sensitive but also suspicious and anxious. They are often drawn to the arts and aim to live life authentically and in the moment.

This personality type is mainly driven by the core desire to be safe and to have guidance.

They seek stability in their relationships and environment and want to know that they can count on others.

Their core fear is of being alone and unprotected. They fear that they will not be able to cope if they are left to fend for themselves.


What Are the 7 Key Characteristics of ISFP 6w7?


Sensitive and compassionate


6w7 ISFPs are drawn to the needs of others. They are gentle souls who want to make a difference in the world.

They are often drawn to helping professions, such as counseling or social work.



ISFP 6w7s have a strong sense of right and wrong. They are loyal to their values and will stand up for what they believe in, even if it means going against the grain.



6w7 ISFPs are highly creative. They often enjoy art, music, and writing.

Their creativity allows them to see the world in a unique way and find new ways to solve problems.



Although they are creative, 6w7 ISFPs are also practical. They like to be prepared for anything and have a plan B (and C) for everything.

Their practicality helps them to be successful in their chosen field, whether it’s business, art, or something else.



ISFP 6w7s like to be independent. They don’t like to be tied down or told what to do.

They need to have the freedom to do things their own way.

This independence can sometimes be seen as stubbornness, but it’s really just a desire to live life on their own terms.

In the moment


This type is very present-focused. They live in the moment and don’t often worry about what might happen in the future.

This can be seen as a strength, as they are able to enjoy life and not dwell on negative thoughts. However, it can also be a weakness, as they may not plan for the future as much as they should.



6w7 ISFPs are in tune with their emotions and they can also pick up on the emotions of those around them.

This empathy can be a strength, as they can be very compassionate. However, it can also be a weakness, as they may take on the emotions of others to the point that it affects their own well-being.


What Are the 6 Weaknesses of ISFP 6w7?




Because they can be so sensitive, ISFP 6w7s can be easily hurt by the words or actions of others.

They may take things very personally and have a hard time letting go of grudges.

Prone to anxiety


Being an enneagram type 6, 6w5 ISFPs tend to be anxious and worried. They may constantly second-guess themselves and their decisions.

This can lead to them feeling paralyzed and uncertain. They’ll struggle to move forward if they don’t have a clear plan.

Practical to a fault


While 6w7 ISFPs’ practicality is usually seen as a strength, it can also be a weakness.

They may be so focused on being prepared for anything that they miss out on opportunities or experiences.

They may also have a hard time being spontaneous or flexible.

Overly competitive


ISFP 6w7s can be very competitive, especially with themselves.

They may strive for perfection in everything they do and be their own worst critic. This can lead to them feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

It’s important for ISFP 6w7s to learn to take a step back and relax.



ISFP 6w7s can be very stubborn, especially when it comes to their beliefs and values.

They may have a hard time seeing other points of view and may hold on to their opinion even when it’s clear they’re wrong.

This can make them inflexible and unyielding.

Control freaks


ISFP 6w7s can be control freaks, wanting to have everything just so.

They may micromanage their own lives as well as the lives of others. This can lead to them being bossy and overbearing.

It’s important for ISFP 6w7s to learn to let go and trust that things will work out.


9 Best careers for the ISFP 6w7 personality type:


This personality type will naturally thrive in careers that allow them to use their creativity and a strong sense of aesthetics.

They will do best in careers where they can work independently and have the freedom to express themselves.

Here are a few examples of careers that would be a good fit for the ISFP 6w7 personality type:

1. Artist

2. Graphic Designer

3. Fashion Designer

4. Interior Designer

5. Musician

6. Photographer

7. Chef

8. Event Planner

9. Landscape Architect


Famous ISFP 6w7 Characters


ISFP 6w7 Fictional Characters


  • Miles Morales “Spider-Man” (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse)
  • Riley Andersen (Inside Out)
  • Prince Wilhelm of Sweden (Young Royals)
  • Río (La Casa de Papel)

ISFP 6w7 Anime Characters


  • Eren Yeager (Attack on Titan)
  • San (Mononoke Hime)
  • Junichiro Tanizaki (Bungou Stray Dogs)
  • Kazutora Hanemiya (Tokyo Revengers)
  • Zenitsu Agatsuma (Demon Slayer)
  • Natsuki (Doki Doki Literature Club)

ISFP 6w7 Celebrities/ Historical Figures


  • Dua Lipa (Singer)
  • Bella Poarch (TikTok Star)
  • Marilyn Monroe (Actress)
  • Britney Spears (Singer)
  • Adam Sandler (Actor)



ISFP 6w7 Meaning?


6w7 ISFP is a personality type that is defined by the Myers-Briggs and enneagram tests.

The 6w7 ISFP personality is known for being creative, compassionate, and sensitive. They are often drawn to the arts and enjoy exploring their feelings and emotions.

ISFP 6w7 vs ISFP 9w8?


The ISFP 6w7 wants to be seen as strong and in control, while the ISFP 9w8 is content with being gentle and easy-going.


ISFP 6w7 vs INFP 6w7?


The 6w7 ISFP is more likely to be externally focused while the 6w7 INFP is more likely to be internally focused.

The 6w7 ISFP is also more likely to be action-oriented while the 6w7 INFP is more likely to be thought-oriented.


ISFP 6w7 vs ISFP 6w5?


The only real difference between the two is that 6w7s are more outgoing and sociable than their 6w5 counterparts.

ISFP 6w7s are also more likely to take risks, whereas ISFP 6w5s tend to play it safe.

Both types place a high value on security and stability, and they’re both quite loyal and reliable.


ISFP 6w7 vs ISFP 7w8?


The ISFP 6w7 seeks stability while enjoying their lives while 7w8 seeks adventure and excitement.



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We encourage you to keep exploring and growing, no matter what your personality type is! Thank you for reading this guide!

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