The ISFJ 6w7 : Characteristics, Strengths and Famous Characters

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This guide will explore the characteristics of the  ISFJ 6w7, as well as their strengths, weaknesses, and famous examples that you can relate to.


What Does ISFJ 6w7 Mean?


This personality is a unique combo of the ISFJ personality type with the Enneagram type 6 wing 7. This combination results in a personality that is both highly sensitive and deeply introspective, while also being loyal and reliable.

ISFJ stands for Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging. 6w7 refers to the Enneagram type 6 with a wing 7.


What are the Characteristics of an ISFJ 6w7?


People with this personality type are often highly creative, as they are constantly exploring their own inner thoughts and feelings. 


They are also often very compassionate and empathetic, as they can easily understand the emotions and experiences of others. 


ISFJ 6w7s are loyal and reliable friends, and will always be there for you when you need them.


However, they can also be quite anxious and worried, as they’re constantly mulling over their own thoughts and feelings.


How Does the 6w7 impact the natural ISFJ Personality traits 


A lot of ISFJs identify as type 6 on the enneagram test. Their wing being 7 just changes some of their natural tendencies. 


Type six on the enneagram is known as the “loyalist”. They are known for their anxious and worrying tendencies. They often overthink things and can be indecisive because of this. The ISFJ 6w7 takes these qualities and pairs them with the 7 wing.


The 7 wing is known as the “enthusiast”. They are known for their optimistic outlook on life and their love of adventure. They are spontaneous and enjoy trying new things.


The combination of these two types results in an ISFJ 6w7 whose core desire is to be safe and secure. That’s why they’re prone to play it safe but at the same time, the ISFJ 6w7 won’t mind a little adventure from time to time.


Having type 7 as the wing will also make 6w7 ISFJs more outgoing and people-oriented than other INFJs.


What are the Strengths of an ISFJ 6w7?


If we’re to summarize the strengths of an 6w7 ISFJ, they would be:

  • More loyal and reliable.
  • Incredibly compassionate and empathetic.
  • More adventurous and outgoing.
  • More creative.


What are the Weaknesses of an ISFJ 6w7?


The weaknesses of an 6w7 ISFJ would be:

  • Mostly prone to procrastination.
  • Disorganized compared to other types of ISFJs
  • More anxious and worried.
  • Can be indecisive.


Signs of an unhealthy ISFJ 6w7?


Some signs that an ISFJ 6w7s dark side  is starting to take over would be:

  • They become more reclusive and isolate themselves from others.
  • They start to neglect their responsibilities.
  • They become more critical and judgemental of others.
  • They become paranoid and suspect everyone is out to get them.


How to become a healthy ISFJ 6w7?


The first thing an unhealthy 6w7 INFJ needs to do is to admit that they’re unbalanced and need to work on their extraverted functions more. They should try to find a healthy outlet for their anxiety and worry, whether it’s through exercise, journaling, or therapy.


They should also try to be more mindful of their words and actions, as they can easily hurt others with their words when they’re not in a good place.


And finally, they should try to live in the moment and enjoy life with the people they love only, as this will help them to worry less and feel more balanced over all.


9 Best careers for the ISFJ 6w7 personality type:


This  personality type is well suited for careers  that involve:

  1. Social work
  2. Nursing
  3. teaching
  4. Childcare
  5. Therapist
  6. Veterinary medicine
  7. Clergy
  8. Counseling
  9. Psychology


Famous ISFJ 6w7 Characters


ISFJ 6w7  Fictional movie/TV show Characters


  • Allison Argent in Teen Wolf (2011)
  • Victoria Everglot in Corpse Bride (2005)
  • Oliver Hampton in How to Get Away With Murder 
  • John Lowe in American Horror Story

ISFJ 6w7 Anime Characters


  • Yachi Hitoka from one of my favorite animes ‘Haikyuu!!’
  • Yui Yamada from the anime ‘Asagao to Kase-San’
  • Nam Dong-Gyun from the webtoon ‘BJ Alex’
  • Shimura Shinpachi from the anime ‘Gintama’
  • Krillin from the nostalgic anime ‘Dragon Ball Z’

ISFJ 6w7 Celebrities in Real Life


  • Seth Meyers (Actor)
  • Mark Ruffalo (Actor)




ISFJ 6w7 Meaning?


The ISFJ 6w7 personality type is a combination of the ISFJ personality type with the Enneagram type 6 wing 7. This results in a personality type that is loyal and reliable, but also more outgoing and adventurous than other ISFJs.


How common is the ISFJ 6w7 personality type?


The 6w7 ISFJ personality type is pretty common among ISFJs, They make up 11% of all ISFJs identified as type 1 on the enneagram test.


Is the ISFJ 6w7 personality type introverted or extroverted?


The 6w7 ISFJ personality type is introverted, meaning they tend to be more internal and focused. However, the 7 wing gives them a more extroverted personality than other ISFJs.




I hope this guide has helped you to better understand the ISFJ 6W7 personality type. If you found this article helpful, you may want to read our other articles on this interesting personality type.

Remember that our aim with these guides is to help create personality type awareness but not to prescribe or judge. 

As always, we as humans are individual and unique so it’s important to remember that personality type qualities are just the backbone of our personality. There is always more to each and every one of us than can be captured in a few letters. Thanks for reading!

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