Why Do Introverts Like Animals ?

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I have a cat named Macha. A cute chubby Siamese who turned 2 years old last week. I get this warm feeling whenever I think of my cat outside the house and I actually lost count of how many times this quiet creature comforted me when I’m at my lowest days. 

I always say that our relationship with pets depends largely on our personality traits. Most introverts are animal lovers. Our connection with these creatures runs deep, and here’s why.

Why Do Introverts love Animals?

  • Animals don’t talk 

I wouldn’t be comforted if I return home drained to a chatty Macha. What makes Macha’s presence comforting is her being quiet next to me. Always there showing support by following me without a word. 

We introverts hate small talk. We find it meaningless and it oftentimes sucks the energy out of us. Our animal friends won’t ask us about our days when we’re back home. They won’t demand us to listen to them complaining about life. 

There’s a reason why introverts prefer the company of their pet to other human friends after a bad day. We want to be comforted without words. We want to feel positive affirmations not hear them. Our pets can provide that.

I’ll never forget the feeling of my Macha’s warm fur in my lab at my sister’s funeral. It’s going to be okay.   

  • No expectations 

If you’re an anxious introvert then having animal companions to spend a few hours a day with will definitely reduce your anxiety level. 

I believe all kinds of animal pets will have the same positive effect on our mental health. Cats, Dogs, fish, and even hermit crabs can really help make our lives better.

Why? Because animals won’t pressure you to do things you’re not comfortable doing when you’re with them. They won’t expect you to be more outgoing or be more open about yourself with them. There is no pressure to show off or prove that you’re capable of doing anything when you’re spending time with your animal friend! 

Pets don’t expect you to do anything for them aside from loving and feeding them, and that is something you’ll gladly want to do if you care about your pet.

That’s why we introverts are animal lovers. It’s Because we know our Animal friends won’t put pressure on us. We’re at peace with them.

  • No judgments 

This. If anything, introverts need animal friends for just for. Our pets won’t judge us.

You go ahead and be your true self around your pet. Be weird and wear whatever you want, talk to them however you like-actually don’t speak at all. Be you and they won’t care about your personality one bit.

We love animals because they don’t look us down and won’t put labels on us. They won’t put us in a box and decide we don’t fit in with them because we’re introverted. Our pets won’t favor extroverts over us. They’re simply happy as long as we’re around.

  • You receive as much love as you give

We also love animals because they give us the chance to give love. We’re sometimes reserved around the people we care about and love because we’re afraid of their reaction to our display of emotions. So we keep them bottled up. 

But that’s not the case with animals. You’ll have no doubt you can shower them with all the love and attention you can’t openly show others and they’ll happily receive it. Not only that, our pets actually ask for our love and that’s really endearing and sweet. It’s our pet’s way of expressing their love back to us.

My cat lowers her head for me to scratch it when I’m busy or reading next to her. I feel loved when she does that.   

You see, sometimes the nicest thing that will happen to you after a long day would be your pet showing you they love you, and that’s quite the reason to love animals and often want to be around them.

  • Pets give us a sense of belonging 

We introverts really value our relationships, even with our animal friends. Having a pet gives us a sense of belonging. A special connection with that one animal you own. Your pet belongs to you and you belong to it. The feeling only intensifies when your pet gets protective and possessive over their human. 

  • They make for great conversation starters 

I can’t keep my mouth shut when pets are discussed in social gatherings. That’s special considering me being a shy introvert who abhors small talk and meaningless conversations. But I’m always willing to discuss pets and talk about my Macha for hours without getting drained. I believe the same applies to all animal loving introverts. Pets just make for the perfect topic to start a conversation if you’re feeling anxious about meeting others or you feel awkward when you’re with someone. Our animals save us from awkward conversations! 

Wrapping up …

I really enjoyed writing this post, probably because I got to talk a little about Macha. What about you fellow introverted readers? tell me a little about your pets

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Sarra is a behavioral science student and HS science teacher ( also a cat mom! ) who obsesses over typing people but can't seem to type her own self. Let's just say that for the time being, she's a cross between an INFJ and INFP!

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