Exploring The INTP Rarity

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If you’re an INTP then you’ve probably heard comments like  “you’re so unpredictable!” or “I’ve never met anyone like you!” And it’s might be true, INTPs are one of the least common personality types.

In this article, we’ll explore the INTP rarity, what might make them seem so unusual and some of the challenges that come with being a rare personality type.


Exploring The INTP Rarity


According to the table above from the Myers-Briggs official website, INTPs account for only 3-5% of the US population, making them one of the rarest personality types.

If we look at the percentage of INTPs by gender: only 2% of the US Female population is INTP, making INTP females the rarest female personality type, while INTP males make up  5% of the US Male population.


What Makes INTPs Stand Alone and Seem Unique


So, what might make INTPs seem so unusual and unpredictable to other personality types?

INTPs are often seen as the “thinkers” or ” philosophers” of the group because of their introverted, intuitive and thinking nature.

They are usually more interested in ideas and concepts than in people or things. INTPs are often described as private, detached, and independent individuals who like to have time to themselves to think.

They’re known for their “unpredictable” nature. This might be because  INTPs are not as emotionally expressive as other personality types and they often see the world in a different way than most people.


Challenges of Being a Rare Personality Type


Of course, being a rare personality type comes with its own set of challenges.

One of the main challenges is that INTPs can often feel like they don’t fit in with either the world around them or the other personality types.

They may feel misunderstood and like they don’t have a place to “fit in”.

INTPs may also find it difficult to find others who share their interests and can understand them.




How rare is INTP?


INTPs account for 3-5% of the US population. INTP males make up 5% of the US Male population and INTP females make up 2% of the US Female population.


Percentage of INTP?


In the United States, INTPs account for 3-5% of the population. Not the rarest personality type but they are still in the minority.


Is INTP rare?


Compared to other personality types, INTPs are considered to be rather rare. You can notice that in the way they think and act. Even their appearance is different from the norm. I don’t mean that INTPs are all weird-looking, but they definitely don’t look like everyone else. They account for 3-5 of the population, statistically making them one of the rarest Myer Briggs personality types.




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