Understanding The INTJ Ni-Fi Loop and How to Break Free From It

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In this article, we will explore the INTJ Ni-Fi Loop, what causes it, how does it feel to be stuck in this loop, and how to break free from it.


What is the ni fi loop?


The INTJ Ni-Fi Loop happens when INTJ’s auxiliary function (Extraverted Thinking) and tertiary function (Introverted Feeling) switch places.

So instead of using their Te( Extraverted thinking) to make judgments, INTJs in this state will rely on their Fi (Introverted feeling )to process ideas and perceptions perceived by their dominant Introverted intuition.

Let me explain this in plain MBTI English…

According to the MBTI® Manual’s website, the INTJ personality function stack is as follows:

Healthy INTJs use their introverted intuition to recognize and follow patterns in their daily lives. This is how they perceive and gather information and it’s this function that allows them to predict many possibilities of how their future will turn out.

Their auxiliary extraverted thinking helps them plan and prepare for their future by analyzing current information and ideas so they can filter out any possibilities that are impractical or impossible and focus on finding a solution that will have the best outcome.

In situations where they can’t find an immediate solution to a problem, healthy INTJs turn to their tertiary introverted feeling. They use Fe to help their Ti come up with the best solution.

They don’t do this by using their emotions, but instead, they use their introverted feeling’s ability to understand people’s reactions to certain events, which will help them determine whether their solution was effective.

However, when they are in an INTJ Ni-Fi loop, INTJs use their tertiary introverted feeling to make quick decisions rather than using it to help their Te ( Extraverted Thinking).

Te in this state will be completely overshadowed by their introverted feeling and will be of no help to them whatsoever.

An INTJ stuck in the Ni-Ti loop will rely only on his introverted functions (Ni, Ti) and neglect his extraverted functions (Fe, Se).


What causes an INTJ to be stuck in the INTJ Ni-Fi loop?


An INTJ is most likely to get stuck in this loop when they are under a lot of stress. Stress comes about as a result of the external world not matching the INTJ’s expectations.

When an INTJ is under stress and overwhelmed, they lose interest in the outside world and turn into themselves and rely on their introverted functions (Ni, Ti).

The result is an INTJ losing their sense of logic and reasoning and focus instead of interpreting their intuitive hunches in an unbalanced emotional way.

Their unfiltered intuition will turn into negative feelings and those feelings will turn into more unreasonable possibilities and the loop continues.


How does the INTJ Ni-Fi loop feel from an INTJ perspective?


INTJs call this loop the ‘INTJ Trap’

From an INTJs point of view, the Ni-Fi loop is a state of confusion. They’re trapped in this state of overanalyzing negative feelings and possibilities.

Not only that but they’re also trapped in a state of frustration with the external world because it does not meet their expectations.

When they’re stuck in this loop, they lose their reasoning and become impulsive and irrational.

They’ll make all kinds of wrong decisions they’ll later regret because they’re normally the ones who are in control and can make plans with actionable steps to follow.

INFJs stuck in the Ni-Ti Loop report that they become more suspicious of people’s motives and often react based on these suspicions without pausing to see if those suspicions hold any weight.

They may also become more pessimistic and critical of others as a result because they feel that everyone is out for themselves.

When an INFJ is in a positive mood, they tend to have a healthy relationship with their intuition and this helps give others the benefit of the doubt.

However, when they go into a negative mood and get stuck in their Ni-Fi loop, their introverted feeling becomes more negative and they will begin to judge others based on their own feelings, which makes it difficult for the INFJ to be objective.


How to Break Free of The Ni-Ti Loop?


INTJs can overcome this by recognizing that they’re stuck in their Ni-Ti loop and that it’s not a healthy way to live.

It’s theoretically a bit easy to break free from this loop:

  • You must work on getting your functional balance back by mindfully using your Fe more.

In reality, It’s as easy (or hard) as you work to make it so. Sometimes it feels comfortable to rely solely on your introverted functions since you’re an introverted personality type. But noting down how this loop has affected your performance and relationships will push you to be proactive and make the necessary change to get your balance back.

Seek other people’s opinions before making any major decisions. rely on their logic since you temporarily can’t tap into yours.

Talk to a close friend or a qualified therapist about your negative feelings. Voicing them out loud will give you the opportunity to use your Te to see if there’s any logic to how you’re feeling and you’ll receive feedback from whoever you talked to.

-Play online or social games that focus on having strategies like chess, monopoly, etc. Playing games that require you to use your Te will help you take your mind off of your negative feelings and focus on logical thinking.

write about your hunches, gut, and negative feelings. You can do this in a diary or just write down your thoughts, which will give you the chance to use your Ni and Te in a positive way.

Re-organize your life. Go back to bullet journaling or to-do lists, make it a daily challenge to take one thing in your life and organize it. your room, your books, and stationery, your phone gallery, your schedule, etc. Cleaning up and re-organizing will help you gain interest in the external work and bring back your need for extraverted thinking.

Think about how you can help this world by using your Te. Use Te to help you see how you can make this world a better place by contributing to the community.




Did you find this article helpful? I hope this article helped you understand the INTJ Ni-Fi loop and how to break out of it.

It’s important that you know that the purpose of this article is to help you gain a better understanding of this unhealthy state an INTJ falls into.

If you feel helpless and this state drags for longer periods, I suggest you seek a qualified therapist who can help you break out of this negative cycle.

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Thank you for reading! Good Luck on your Journey!

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