The INTJ 8w7: Characteristics, Strengths and Famous Characters

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This guide will explore the characteristics of the INTJ 8w7 personality type, as well as their strengths, weaknesses, and famous examples that you can relate to.

What Does INTJ 8w7 Mean?


The INTJ 8w7 personality is a unique blend of the INTJ and Enneagram type 8 wing 7. This combination results in a personality that is analytical and assertive, with a streak of independence.

This personality type is mainly driven by the core desire to be both competent and in control. They are constantly seeking out new challenges to test their abilities, and they have a strong need for autonomy and independence.

Their core fear is of being powerless and at the mercy of others, which can result in them appearing arrogant or domineering.

What are the Characteristics of an INTJ 8w7?


This personality type has many of the same characteristics as the INTJ personality type, but with some added quirks. Here are some of the most notable characteristics of the INTJ 8w7:



There’s no doubt that 8w7 INTJs are independent people. They like to do things their own way and they’re not afraid to go against the grain.

This independence is part of what makes INTJs such strong leaders. They’re not afraid to take charge and they’re very confident in their abilities.

Loyal and protective


8w7 INTJs are loyal to their friends and family and they’re always ready to protect them. This isn’t just a surface-level loyalty either.

This loyalty can sometimes be seen as a weakness, as 8w7 INTJs can have a hard time let go of things that are no longer serving them.

Strong sense of justice


INTJs 8w7s have a strong sense of justice and they’re not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. This can sometimes be a double-edged sword, as they can come across as inflexible or uncompromising.

Their strong sense of justice also means that they’re always looking for ways to improve the world around them.



INTJs 8w7s are very pragmatic people. They’re not interested in pie-in-the-sky ideas or unrealistic solutions.

They want to know how something is going to work in the real world before they commit to it. This pragmatism can sometimes make them seem cold or unemotional.



INTJs 8w7s are assertive people. They’re not afraid to speak their mind or stand up for themselves. This can be a great strength, but it can also sometimes result in conflict.



Of course, all INTJs are known for their analytical minds. But 8w7 INTJs take this to a whole new level. They’re always seeking out new challenges to test their abilities.

8w7 INTJs are also very good at seeing both sides of an argument and they’re not afraid to voice their opinion.



8w7 INTJs are also known for their adventurous streak. They seek activities that make them feel happy and unrestrained. They feel the most alive when they’re pushing themselves to their limits.

How Does the 8w7 impact the natural INTJ Personality traits?


Having the enneagram type 8 as INTJ gives them added confidence which orients them more towards leadership roles. They also tend to be more outgoing than other INTJs and are less likely to shy away from social interaction.

The 8w7 INTJ is also more likely to express their emotions than other INTJs, which can be both a strength and a weakness. On the one hand, it allows them to connect with others more easily.

On the other hand, it can also result in them being seen as too emotional or irrational.

the enneagram wing 7 will add a more optimistic outlook to the natural pessimism of the INTJ. They are also more likely to take risks and be impulsive.

The 7w8 INTJ is also more likely to have a strong sense of humor and be able to see the silver lining in every situation.

What are the strengths of an INTJ 8w7?


The main strengths of the INTJ 8w7 are their independence, and it shows in the way they live their lives.

They don’t need anyone’s approval to do what they want and they’re always willing to put the effort needed for them not to be people-reliant.

Other strengths include being:

  • More Loyal
  • More protective
  • More outgoing and expressive
  • Risk-taker
  • More optimistic

What are the Weaknesses of an INTJ 1w2?


Just like any other personality type, the INTJ 8w7 has its own set of weaknesses. These include:

  • May seem aloof and unemotional
  • May come across as domineering or bossy
  • Can be inflexible and uncompromising
  • Can be too blunt and honest
  • being too independent. This can result in them being seen as cold or uncaring.

8 Best careers for the INTJ 8w7 personality type:


This personality type is best suited for careers that allow them to use their analytical skills and independence. Here are some examples of careers that would be a good fit for the INTJ 8w7:

  1. Science
  2. Engineering
  3. Law
  4. Medicine
  5. Finance
  6. Business
  7. Psychology
  8. Computer Science

Famous INTJ 8w7 Characters


INTJ 8w7 Fictional Characters


  • Yennefer Of Vengerberg (The Witcher, Novel Series)
  • June Iparis (Legend, Novel Trilogy)
  • Won In-Jae (Start-Up, KDrama )
  • Erik Lehnsherr “Magneto” (X-Men)
  • Stewie Griffin (Family Guy)

INTJ 8w7 Anime Characters


  • Lelouch vi Britannia (Code Geass)
  • Sōsuke Aizen (Bleach)
  • Seto Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters)
  • Keyaru (Redo of Healer)
  • Goku Black (Dragon Ball Z)



INTJ 8w7 Meaning?


The INTJ 8w7 means that you have the personality type of an INTJ with an enneagram type 8 wing 7.

This combination of personality types makes you an independent, assertive and analytical thinker who is also impulsive and adventurous.

Can an INTJ be an 8w7?


Although not very common, it is possible for an INTJ to have an enneagram type 8 wing 7.

Are INTJ 8w7 rare?


8w7 INTJs can be considered rare since they make up less than 6% of all INTJ varients.


INTJ 8w7 vs ENTJ 8w7?


Although both INTJs and ENTJs share the same core characteristics of being analytical, independent, and assertive, there are some key differences between these two personality types.

The INTJ 8w7 is more reserved than the ENTJ 8w7 and is more likely to keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves. They are also more likely to be perfectionists and may have higher standards for themselves than for others.

The ENTJ 8w7, on the other hand, is more outgoing and expressive and is more likely to be comfortable taking risks. They are also more likely to be spontaneous and impulsive and may find it challenging to stick to a plan or routine.


INTJ 8w7 vs 8w9?


The main difference between INTJ 8w7 and 8w9 is that 8w7 is more outgoing and assertive while the INTJ 8w9 is more reserved and laid-back.

Both personalities are very independent, goal-oriented, and logical but 8w7 is more likely to take risks and be impulsive while 8w9 is more patient and deliberate.

INTJ 8w7 vs INTJ 5w6?


The INTJ 8w7 is outgoing and assertive, whereas the INTJ 5w6 is more introverted and reserved.

Both types are intelligent and logical, but the 8w7 is more likely to take risks and be innovative.

The 8w7 is also more focused on the here and now, whereas the 5w6 is more future-oriented.



I hope this guide has helped you to better understand the INTJ 8w7 personality type. Our aim with these guides is to help create personality type awareness and not to prescribe or judge.

I want you to keep in mind that we as humans are individual and unique so it’s important to remember that personality type qualities are just the backbone of our personality.

There is always more to each and every one of us than can be captured in a few letters.

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