The INFJ 8w9: Characteristics, Strengths and Famous Characters

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INFJs of any type are rare individuals who possess a rare combination of intuition, empathy, and organizational ability.

This guide will explore the characteristics of the INFJ 8w9 personality type, as well as their strengths, weaknesses, and famous examples that you can relate to.

What Does INFJ 8w9 Mean?


The INFJ 8w9 personality is a unique combo of the INFJ personality type with the Enneagram type 8 wing 9.

This combination results in a personality that is both analytical and compassionate, as well as assertive and protective.

This personality type is mainly driven by the desire to be both independent and in control, as well as the need to be seen as strong and reliable.

They also want to live a peaceful and harmonious life, so that’s why they tend to avoid conflict and stay away from anything that could disrupt the status quo.

What are the Characteristics of an INFJ 8w9?


There are a few key characteristics that are common among INFJ 8w9s. The ones worth mentioning are:

Highly intuitive


INFJ 8w9s are highly intuitive people. This means that they’re very attuned to the feelings and emotions of others, and can often sense what someone is thinking or feeling before they even say it.

They’re also very good at reading between the lines and seeing things that others might miss.

This allows them to pick up on subtleties and understand complex situations with ease.



Being independent is important to 8w9 INFJs. They want to be seen as strong and capable, and they’re often very reluctant to ask for help. This can sometimes make them seem like they’re unapproachable or even cold, but it’s just a defense mechanism.

They need to feel like they’re in control of their own lives, and they’re not afraid to go it alone if necessary.



INFJ 8w9s are very compassionate people. They have a deep understanding of the human experience, and they’re often quick to offer a shoulder to cry on.

This compassion is often extended to those who are suffering, as 8w9 INFJs can see past their pain and offer them the support they need to get through tough times.



They’re not afraid to speak their mind, especially when it comes to how things are best done, and they’re often quick to offer advice or help.

They may seem bossy or overbearing, but it’s just their way of trying to help.

Loyal and protective


These individuals are extremely loyal to the people and causes they care about. They’re also very protective of those they love, and they’re always quick to stand up for them.

How Does the 8w9 impact the natural INFJ Personality traits?


INFJ 8w9s are extremely rare, so it’s not often you find someone who’s a pure INFJ with this wing.

That said, the 8w9 does impact the natural INFJ personality traits in a few ways.

For one, it makes them even more independent than they already are. Enneagram Type 8 is all about control, and so the 8w9 INFJ is always striving to be in control of their own lives.

Type 8 also adds assertiveness to the INFJ that wasn’t there before. This makes them much more likely to speak their mind and offer help or advice, even when it’s not asked for.

Finally, the 9 wing brings a sense of calm and peace to the INFJ. They’re more likely to avoid conflict and try to make everyone happy.

They’re aware of their mental well-being and need for a sense of security.

What are the Strengths of an INFJ 8w9?


There are many strengths that come with being an INFJ 8w9. The most notable ones are:

  • Intuitive understanding
  • More independent than other INFJs
  • Able to see both sides of every issue
  • Calm and collected under pressure
  • More outspoken and assertive

What are the Weaknesses of an INFJ 8w9?


Just like any other personality type, the INFJ 8w9 has its own set of weaknesses. These include:

  • Can be too independent and unwilling to ask for help
  • Can be seen as bossy or overbearing
  • May have trouble relaxing and taking breaks
  • Can be overly sensitive to criticism
  • Can be seen as aloof or unapproachable

8 Best careers for the INFJ 8w9 personality type:


Based on their characteristics and strengths, the following are the best careers for INFJ 8w9s:

1. Social Worker

2. Psychologist

3. Counselor

4. Teacher

5. Human Resources Manager

6. Event Planner

7. Recruiter

8. Fundraiser

Famous INFJ 8w9 Characters


INFJ 8w9 Fictional Characters


  • Vito Corleone in The Godfather (Movie )

INFJ 8w9 Anime Characters


  • Retsu Unohana in the anime Bleach
  • Soldier from Angel’s Egg
  • Yagura Karatachi from Naruto



INFJ 8w9 Meaning?


The INFJ 8w9 personality type is a very rare and unique type. They’re independent, assertive, and loyal people who are compassionate and able to see both sides of every issue.

Can INFJs be 8w9?


Although very rare, this combination does exist. The 8w9 personality type is a unique blend of the INFJ’s natural independence and assertiveness with the 9 wing’s calm and collected nature.

INFJ 8w9 vs 9w8?


The main difference between an INFJ 8w9 and a 9w8 is that the 8w9 is more outgoing and assertive, while the 9w8 is more introverted and passive.

The 8w9 is also more headstrong and independent, while the 9w8 is more easygoing and cooperative.

INFJ 8w9 vs INTJ 8w9?


There are some key differences that distinguish an INFJ 8w9 from an INTJ 8w9. For starters, the INFJ is much more in touch with their emotions than the INTJ.

INTJ 8w9s are often seen as the more “serious” type, while INFJ 8w9s are often seen as the more “sensitive” type.

They are also more compassionate and empathetic, while INTJ 8w9s tend to be more focused on logic and facts.

This is not to say that INFJ 8w9s are always emotional or that INTJ 8w9s are always unemotional. Rather, it is simply to point out that INFJ 8w9s are usually more in touch with their emotions than INTJ 8w9s.

INFJ 8w9 vs INFJ 8w7?


The main difference lies in their social behavior and self-image. The 8w9 is more outgoing and extroverted than the 8w7.

They are also more likely to see themselves as strong and independent. The 8w7 is more introverted and may appear more withdrawn.



I hope this guide has helped you to better understand the INFJ 8w9 personality type. Our aim with these guides is to help create personality type awareness and not to prescribe or judge.

I want you to keep in mind that we as humans are individual and unique so it’s important to remember that personality type qualities are just the backbone of our personality. There is always more to each and every one of us than can be captured in a few letters.

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Sarra is a behavioral science student and HS science teacher ( also a cat mom! ) who obsesses over typing people but can't seem to type her own self. Let's just say that for the time being, she's a cross between an INFJ and INFP!

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