I’m An Introvert And I’m Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

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Yes, I’m stepping way out of my comfort zone …

But here goes nothing.

Hi everyone ! My name is Sarra (the R is pronounced the french way  😉 )  and I’m a 25 yo biology teacher.

Most times, this is basically all you’re going to get from me before I start averting my eyes and getting uncomfortable around you therefor, in return making you uncomfortable too.

The struggle of meeting people for the first time is REAL!

But then again, this is different, this is the Internet! I’m not making eye contact with you (I’m just doing it virtually you know ), so you bet your luck I’m going to buzz your head with all things introvert if you stick around enough to read my next posts!

I’m an Introvert ( shocker), have been one since birth and I am finally, TOTALLY ready to grow into the woman I deserve being an introvert.

Introversion is not something to try and change or be ashamed of and suppress, for a long time I cultivated some extroverted qualities just to feel like a normal person, I thought I was not in the right place psychologically, but I felt even more overwhelmed and miserable and just tired trying to cop with this extroverted world.

Yes, we are social creatures, but I realized that we are also born individuals for us to experience life differently, what seems fun for others may not be fun for me, I needed to acknowledge my preferences, that’s where I started searching why I am content being alone? why do I HATE small talks and couldn’t for the life of me fake being interested when internally I’m bored to death!

That’s how I came across the term introvert, and Can you imagine how relieving it was to know that it’s just my personality! My introversion is part of ME

And there are people with some personality traits I possess and a lot of them are thriving in this extroverted world.

I’ve come a long way in my journey to acknowledge and celebrate my personality type, and even though I still have things to I need to work on ( my anxiety for example ), I can say I am a PROUD INTROVERT.

So  I started this blog to document my journey to complete growth, and share with you everything I know about introversion down the road.

I want to be supported and support back introverted women (and men !) welling to grow and break free from the “because I’m an introvert” trap.

Let’s celebrate being introverts on this small ( hopefully growing community).

And Let’s grow TOGETHER!


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