A Tip On How To Use Introversion To Your Advantage

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The only way for you to learn how to use introversion to your advantage is for you to:


  • 1st, acknowledge introversion as a strength for your growth rather than an obstacle and,
  • 2nd, be familiar with what introversion actually offers you.


Getting to this conclusion has taken me years of frustration with my personality ( I didn’t even know I was an introvert at the time or what being an introvert even means) and looking for ways to become more extroverted but I ended up being introduced to introversion, and it was like all my questions about myself really do have answers, I just needed to put in the effort to find them.

Is Introversion a Weakness?


I don’t like to sugarcoat stuff, it is just pointless in my opinion and a waste of time for my introverted readers, so my answer to this is simple.


It really depends on your mindset


If you assume the famous rule of a victim and sit home procrastinating till the ends of time and posting on Facebook groups about how being an introvert limited your friends’ circle and ruined your dating life, then yeah according to your mindset, introversion is definitely a weakness.


But if you go about your life mindful of what celebrating your introversion can add to your being and actually implementing your introverted traits in a way that will enhance your progress, then oh dear! Introversion is pretty much the strength.


Now it’s up to you to choose how to think about your introversion.

What Are The Advantages Of Being An Introvert?


I sometimes envision someone coming up to me and asking me: ”seriously, are there any benefits to being an introvert?”

And I would yell in that fake thick Alabama accent I’m working on perfecting “You bet!”

( I know this is a weird thing to envision, but there you go – I’m weird, welcome to my mind).

Now here are some of the advantages of being an introvert gathered in a bulleted list: 

  • Energy


Introverts gain their energy from within, we don’t rely on others to recharge, unlike many extroverts, who rely on social interactions to boost their energy.  


  • Friendships


Introversion is the reason we create friendships that last for years, we make connections, not shallow acquaintance, it’s not about how many friends a person has, it’s about how many of those will you find when you really need them ( quality over quantity ) 


  • Attentiveness 


Introverts are great listeners, genuine ones… count how many times you lent a virtual shoulder to a friend or a family member and just let them get it all out of their chest… I’m assuming it’s countless…you see…  it’s just in our nature to be avid listeners.  


  • Attractiveness 


Yes, I mean it, introverts are often quiet in public, and quiet people are attractive, they have an air of mysteriousness and serenity around them that just draws anyone – pausing enough to notice this – to them. We probably missed a lot of relationship opportunities being lost in our own world to notice admirers, oh well…  


  • Observation 


We can be super focused, and even in over-stimulating environments, introverts tend to notice the smallest of details, which can be of great advantage especially in the workplace.  


  • imagination 


Introverts are kings and queens of wild, creative imagination. what was considered bad habit and weird behavior when growing, became the foundation of success for many introverted artists and creators such as the feminine icon and actress Audrey Hepburn and J.K Rowlings creator of the Harry Potter series. 


  • Independence 


I think we can all agree that we introverts, professionally,  work better alone than in groups, even in other parts of our life, take me for example, even though I’m a shy introvert, I am most alive when I travel alone and take care of my self by myself, I think traveling alone and discovering the world by ourselves is a “thing” most of us introverts share, correct me if you think I’m wrong, I would really appreciate your thoughts on this in the comment section below.


  • Autodidacticism


This is a huge thing in my life, and when I finally attached it to my introversion and started asking introverted friends and people online, I found it’s the same for the majority of them.


We are autodidact individuals, we teach ourselves anything we put our mind, time and energy into, and since we gain our energy from our alone time, it’s only logical we are most productive at when alone. 


Come to think of it, I owe a lot of my achievements ( even the small ones ) to my introversion and I think you do too, it’s just that we humans often fall in the habit of mourning what we never had while taking what we already have for granted, I furiously believe we should be aware first and foremost of what we have, we should cultivate a habit of counting what our personality has given us in order to get some clarity on what needs to be improved and what needs to be celebrated and shown off. 

I hope you found this blog post helpful, and if you did please support me by sharing it with your introverted friends, that would be really appreciated.

Any comments or feedback are always welcome!

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