How to Start a Conversation With an Introverted Girl ?

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One of the reasons why some guys might find it difficult to talk to girls they’re interested in is because the girl may be an introvert.

It’s not always easy talking to new people. Especially introverted women.

Sometimes for them, engaging in a conversation is like pulling teeth. It gives them butterflies in their stomachs just thinking about having it.

So you surely can’t always rely on the girl to start the conversation, especially if she’s shy or introverted. You need to be able to make a strategic move and strike up a conversation with her so here are some tips for how to start a conversation with an introvert girl.

But first, let’s talk about introverts …


For those of you who are still a bit confused about what an introvert is and why it’s important, here’s a brief definition:  An introvert is someone who draws energy from within rather than from the surrounding environment.

They often feel tired after being around people for extended periods of time (like at parties). They tend to be quiet because they listen more than they talk.

An introvert girl is a girl who has the introverted personality trait. It means usually quiet and shy. You might know an introverted girl if you’ve ever seen her at a party just standing in the background, not saying much. She may look happy but deep down she’s totally drained.

Yes, that girl who is very quiet and arms-crossed, looking somewhere else while you’re trying to make conversation. That may be an introvert girl.

Next, we’ll talk about…

How to Chat With an Introvert Girl?


Don’t be afraid to start a conversation with an introvert girl because it will make you miss out on getting to know a nice girl.

This will help you keep your cool and seem like someone confident, which is always good when trying to impress a girl.

1) Smile at Her


Break the Ice Before you say anything, make sure to smile and not give her a mean or smirk smile. You want to seem approachable, so flash your pearly whites at her.

If she smiles back then you’ve got yourself a conversation starter! You can also try giving a small wave in her direction.

2) Make Eye Contact


Stay Focused Be sure to make sustained eye contact if you’re going for that direct approach. It shows confidence and she’ll think you’re cool for not being intimidated by her resting b**ch face.

You can also smile when making eye contact, which will come across as more endearing. If she looks away, don’t be discouraged! She might just be shy or nervous and doesn’t know how to handle eye contact with guys.

3) Strike Up a Simple Conversation with a catchy phrase


You’ll want to start out with something like, “Hi, how are you doing? It’s nice to see an interesting person among this crowd.” This is basic but not so basic but I guess it gets the job done. Do you have any other suggestions?

Find out more things about her (like where she works/goes to school). This is a great way to keep the conversation going and show that you’re genuinely interested in getting to know her.

Once you’ve got some rapport established, then you can make plans to hang out or ask her out!

4) Get Her Number


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for it, you should probably end on a good note so here’s what you should say: “Hey, it was nice to meet you. I’m sure I’ll see you around from time to time. Take care of yourself.” You can turn this into a conversation ender by saying something like, “Well, maybe we’ll meet again (smile). It was fun talking to you.”

If she has an interesting job, just ask for her number so you can follow up with a new conversation over text with her sometime in the future.

It’s totally okay to ask for her number because that shows confidence and initiative. You’ll look more like a ninja if you can get past your nerves and actually make an effort to take things further with an introverted girl.

5) Lastly, be attentive


Don’t forget to be attentive throughout the conversation and be sure to listen more than you talk.

You should look at her when she is talking. It shows you are listening and interested. and what she’s saying does matter and is not boring.

Basically, everything that applies to introverted girls can be applied equally well for extroverted ones. Communication with any woman doesn’t differ much from simple communication rules: listen, make eye contact, and smile.

Now you should feel more confident about chatting with an introvert girl. Go on and make your move on her!

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