How to Spot An Introvert Girl?

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 “what is an introvert girl? And why it is so hard for us guys to spot one?”

I personally don’t think that it is hard to spot an introvert girl at all… just get to know them and you will realize pretty quickly whether they are introverts or not… plus, once you start talking with one of these girls, she won’t be able to hide her personality from you.

what is an introvert girl ?

an introverted girl is self aware in nature. She is not always confident in front of others, but she knows who she is and what she wants from life. An introvert girl likes to be alone or with a very small group of people for too long and gets exhausted by being around lots of people all the time. They are sensitive to their surroundings and take everything personally which might confuse them.

How to Spot an Introvert Girl?

Looking for sings a girl is introverted? The following are a few clues to guide you in finding out if she’s one:

1) if her body language looks as if she is very uncomfortable with you being so close to her or touching her in whatever way, but yet you can tell that she wants to be closer than what the situation allows for… then I’m going to say that she’s an absolute introvert

2) if she doesn’t care about what’s on TV, and would rather spend time reading a book or writing notes, then she is probably an introvert too. !

3) if you start trying to talk with her and she starts looking at the wall like she is deep in thoughts… then that’s a sure sign that she’s an introvert.

4) if you ask “do not you want to go out with us?” And she politely says, “No Thanks! I don’t feel like it today.” then she’s an introvert trying to save herself from being uncomfortable with others by turning down an invitation!

5) if she spends more time by herself, then she’s probably an introvert… plus, introverts don’t talk as much as extroverts do…

6) the girl who has a hard time looking at people straight in the eyes when they are talking to her… is most likely an introvert.

7) the girl who just won’t shut up, when she has something to say or wants you to listen for a long period of time and doesn’t say “sorry, I can go on like this for hours” then that’s definitely an extrovert thing to do… Introverts usually don’t talk as much or for so long …

8) if she has a hard time starting a conversation with you or pretty much anyone for that matter… then I’m going to be super blunt and say that she is probably an introvert.

9) the girl who forgets your name every single time after hearing it once… is probably an extrovert, because usually, introverts are very good at remembering names. except for me and a few others haha.

10) the girl who pulls out earbuds and puts away her laptop when she sees you coming… is probably an introvert. Because we always feel like eliminating distractions if there was something or someone who needs our attention.

11) if she starts talking about a book, movie, or tv show, and she suddenly gets really quiet when she finds out that you didn’t like it as much as she did … then that’s probably an introvert because she’ll definitely feel like there’s no point talking about it if you didn’t enjoy it.

12) if you try to start a conversation with her and she doesn’t have that “yeah, sure i’m listening… go ahead” kinda look on her face, but instead looks like she’s about to disappear into the other world… well, then she’s most likely an introvert.

in conclusion, you’ll probably be able to tell if she is an introvert or not by how she acts in certain situations or in general. no matter what she looks like, seems like, or acts like, there will always be some sort of tell-tell sign to let you know that she is an introvert girl so tune in and be on the lookout for it.

let me know if you have any questions about introvert girls (or if I missed anything)


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