This Is Exactly How To Make An Introvert Miss You!

How to make an introvert miss you
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How To Make An Introvert Miss You?

For you to make an introvert miss you, you must become irreplaceable in their life. They don’t necessarily need to fall in love with you to miss you and want your presence around them. They just need to consider you as an intangible asset. Someone who brings real value to their life and makes it better. 

If you think you can manage to do this, then here are some tips to help you along the way! 

1.Make them feel comfortable

No one wants to be around a person that makes them uncomfortable. Not even extroverts. 

Introverts don’t warm up to others easily, so the first thing you need to do to get your introvert boyfriend ( or girlfriend) to miss you later is making sure your introvert is comfortable around you. Get them to warm up to you, and relax when they are with you. It’s a huge plus if they are reserved when you two are with other people but relax once you’re alone togather. You can definitely manage that by…

2.Being Pleasant  

Seriously, introverts are the funniest and the most genuinely entertaining people if you get to properly know them. You’ll definitely get an introvert relaxed and tune them into your direction if you crack a joke here and there and be cheerful with them.

Even though introverts are often described as reserved, we would never want to be in a situation ( during a date for example) where we create an awkward silence in the middle of a conversation.

So being that pleasant person who saves the conversation and gets them relaxed enough to enjoy and participate in the conversation will definitely keep you in mind long after your date ends.    

3.Show Support 

Look, introverts have a feeling-type personality. We feel deeply. It’s a bit hard to explain this but to put it lightly, we sometimes keep those feelings inside for so long, they eventually pile up and affect our mental well-being. It’s not that easy to seek emotional support either. 

Now imagine having those feelings that you can’t talk easily about and then someone comes into your life. Softly understands your anxiety. Smiles for your happiness. Pats your back when you’re crying. Pushes you when you become shy. Respects your decision not to go out and actually listen when you’re finally ready to talk. Such a person will always be missed when he’s not around to support their introvert. Be that person.

4.Spend More Quality Time Togather

What I really mean is: share their introverted activities and hobbies with them. Especially the ones they’re used to doing alone. For an introvert, quality time is not about those rare occasions they went partying (and found themselves among drunk sweaty strangers). Far from that actually, it’s about those daily activities they do when they get home drained. Watching a movie. Playing with their pet. Reading, or even cooking! Get them to talk about their interests. Make them share these activities with you and they’ll never be able to do them without thinking of you! 

5.Make It Obvious You Enjoy Spending Time With Them 

Be verbal about your wish to be with your introvert. Simple as that.

The funny thing about introverts is that we sometimes overthink things that are obvious to others. It may be obvious to you that making an effort to be with someone is screaming “I’m interested in you”. But we introverts still need to hear it for the wheels in our minds to stop turning. That simple. 

So yeah, tell them that you enjoyed your date togather. You liked watching that movie with them and want to do it again. Tell them they were the reason you’re enjoying some activity they introduced you to. It will make such a big difference in your relationship and soon they’ll be asking you to join them and find it easy to admit they miss your presence. Your introvert will know you’ll want to be with them if they asked you to.

6.DIY Gifts Are Game Changers 

Receiving a handmade gift from a Boyfriend/ Girlfriend is an absolute game-changer for an introvert in a relationship. It will definitely make them feel special and cared for. 

These kinds of thoughtful gifts on special occasions (like birthdays) are what you should be preparing for your introverted partner to ensure that he fondly thinks of you and how much you care about them every time they spot your gift.

personalized gifts, in my opinion, are one of those important physical connections that make for a strong intimate relationship.

7.Send Personal Emails 

I don’t know about you, but to me, I find long detailed, and personal emails romantic and very intimate! I don’t really fancy texting and using social media to connect is meh. 

Personal emails on the other hand are intimate and warm my heart and I’ll spend the whole day (if not the days to come) thinking of that email and reading it again and again. I suggested emails because they are personal and I see them as emotional gifts. 

This is my point here, be personal. If you don’t like emails use another way to make indirect communication personal between you two. 

Anticipating a personal message is the perfect definition of missing someone to an introvert. 

Last thoughts …

These tips are honestly just a short guide to caring for your introverted boyfriend or girlfriend and being open about your feelings towards them. When we feel for someone, we fall hard. Just be honest about everything with your introvert and they’ll miss your presence whenever you’re away.

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4 thoughts on “This Is Exactly How To Make An Introvert Miss You!”

  1. This is a great list. I’m a weird mix. I’m an outgoing introvert, but I can relate to many of the things you say. The quality time doing low key things is huge for me. I get completely drained in big groups and also get awkward… even though I love people. I enjoy one on one time with someone who really listens and wants to be with me. This is true in friendships and romantic relationships.

  2. This article is really helpful! I always thought I was extremely extraverted but very recently I found out thats actually not the case. I totally relate with every single one of the things you have mentioned! Thats again a reminder that I’m more a introvert on many aspect!

  3. I finally find out what type of bf I have.. From now on I will be more understanding gf for him.. While reading this I realised that it’s so true and correct.

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