How Long Do Introverts Need To Recharge?

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Introverts are often known to get overwhelmed in overstimulating environments, they would lose their energy and feel drained after a certain period of interaction. When that happens it’s usually a sign that an introvert’s social battery is going to run out and it’s about time to recharge.


How Long Do Introverts Need To Recharge


This really varies from an introverted person to another, it mostly depends on the type of overstimulation we were exposed to and for how long. 


Let me elaborate…


Some forms of social stimulators like having to sit with a colleague for a small talk may be quick to drain you even if you were subjected to it for a short period of time and recharging would require hours of you wanting to be alone after work just to mind your own introverted business, those hours will get you ready for another round of social interaction.

 For another introvert though, small talks for long periods of time won’t bother him/her as much as it does you, so it would take them minutes to be back on the social track.

For me, I get drained real quick if I’m forced to play host when someone unexpectedly visits and ruins my plans for the day. My family jokes about how my cheeks would turn red from frustration when they stay for longer than an hour, but the struggle is real for me, I still suffer from it to this day, and I know for a fact that I need at least 2 hours of “introvert time” afterward to recover.

What about you, what social stimulator ticks you the most? And how much introvert time do you need?


How To Recharge If You’re An Introvert?


A lot of people imagine that being alone in a dark room doing nothing but “resting” is the only way for an introvert to go about recharging his battery, that’s far from it.


In reality, recharging is all about avoiding extra stimulation and having the time to retreat somewhere comfortable and familiar where you can perform mind-numbing activities or at least activities that would let your mind roam freely without interruption.


Some introverts say that they get their energy back- after a long day of overwhelming social interactions- just by spending time with their partners, others may recharge on the internet-  as absurd as it may sound, a single meme can actually recharge someone’s battery! 


Now I won’t highlight any activity because again, it depends on your preferences and I’m not going to convince you to do something that may not align with you just because it’s supposed to be “the way” to do it.


Personally, though, my most preferred mind-numbing activity when introverting is taking long warm showers and letting my hair naturally dry afterward while watching some tv show.

Sleeping would do the trick for me too.

What Happens When Introverts Don’t Get Alone Time?

how long do introverts need to recharge

Introverts need quiet time to recharge their batteries, for most of us, making time alone to “introvert” it is a priority in our calendars/ planners, that’s because we’re aware first hand of what impact missing that time has on our mental and physical health. 


We introverts can’t really hide or stop the way we react when we reach our personal introvert overstimulation level, and it only gets worst if we can’t find a way to have some time for ourselves. It all starts with feeling overwhelmed and uncomfortable and just wanting out


A lot of the symptoms I’m going to list are shared among introverted people when they don’t get the chance to have their alone time.

  • They start to withdraw from any activity or conversation they were previously part of.

  • They would stop talking and lose the need for verbal communication. 

  • They become anxious and get irritable over the smallest of things. 

  • They act passively.

  • They unintentionally replace their calm demeanor with the angry, easily provoked one.

  • They get emotional and overly sensitive.

  • They lose focus easily.

Oftentimes these psychological symptoms would be followed by physical ones. I think we will all agree on feeling completely exhausted and physically drained after being in overstimulating environments, other than that it varies for each introverted individual.


Some introverts would experience high blood pressure, continuous pain in their muscles and back, and the inability to sleep for days. 

I personally lost count of the times I got migraines just by being stuck with my students in the classroom for hours without any chance of getting some alone time.

This goes to prove the importance of taking the time to nurture the tendencies we have due to our introverted personality.  


I wanted to shed some light on our need for alone/ introvert time and the consequences of not creating such a time in our daily life. I wanted to do it for us to celebrate our introversion by accepting that we have special tendencies ( like wanting alone time), and these tendencies require to be nourished, not neglected. We are who we are, introverted and special. So instead of looking somewhere else for acceptance, we can start by accepting our personality and making the best out of its characteristics and advantages

I hope this blog was helpful, any comments or feedback are always welcome!

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