Extraverted Sensing (Se): 9 Signs You’re an Extraverted Sensor.

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According to the Jungian theory, there are two ways in which people perceive information, either by using our intuition functions or by using the sensing functions.

These are called perceiving functions because they are the ways in which we gather information.

There are two perceiving sensory functions, introverted sensing (Si) and extraverted sensing (Se).

In this article, we are going to learn more about extraverted sensing, what types use the Se function and signs to help you identify yourself as an extroverted sensor.


What is Extraverted Sensing (Se)?


Extraverted sensing (Se) is one of the eight cognitive functions. It is how we gather information by using our five senses to interact with the world around us.

As an extroverted sensor, you are drawn to the physical sensations of the world around you. You like to focus on the current moment and what’s happening now, rather than what happened before or what might happen in the future.

People who use extraverted sensing as their main perceiving function are very in touch with the physical world around them.

They are constantly taking in information through their senses and processing it in the present moment. They tend to be more spontaneous and risk-taking than people who use other perceiving functions, such as introverted intuitives, extraverted intuitives, or introverted sensors.

What makes Si users different than Si users is that :

  • Extraverted sensors perceive information externally through their five senses rather than internally through memory.
  • Introverted sensors, on the other hand, prefer to focus their attention on their internal world and what they remember from the past.


What Personality Types Have Extraverted Sensing?


Many types can exhibit some Se function traits but it’s most apparent in types that have Se as their dominant or auxiliary function.

  • (Se) as the dominant function of ESP personality types: ESFP, ESTP
  • (Se) as the auxiliary function of ISP personality types: ISFP, ISTP
  • (Se) as the tertiary function of ENJ personality types: ENTJ, ENFJ
  • (Se) as the inferior function of INJ personality types: INTJ, INFJ


9 Signs To Help You Identify As An Extraverted Sensor


  1. You Prefer Living in The Present Moment


Se users tend to be very connected with the physical world around them.

You’re always noticing what’s going on in the present moment and absorbing information through your five senses rather than focusing on the past or the future.

You’re not the kind of person who’ll be caught daydreaming or planning how to spend a vacation that’s five years from now.

You’re more interested in what you can experience and enjoy right now.


  1. You’re Naturally Tuned Into The Physical Sensations of Your Body


If you’re a Se user, you probably enjoy practicing a sport or a physical activity, such as yoga.

Physical sensations and experiences are very important to you because they provide the sensory feedback that helps you feel connected with your body and the world around you.


  1. You’re a Keen Observer of Your Surroundings


You notice little details that others don’t because you’re so sensitive to what’s happening in the present moment.

You’re extremely observant and take notice of even the smallest changes around you.


  1. You Have Quick Reflexes


Part of what makes Se users so spontaneous and quick to act is that they’re constantly, unconsciously scanning their surroundings for interesting sensory data.

This heightened awareness of the world around them leads to them developing quick reflexes and an ability to move their body with ease.

see users are the best people at controlling their bodily movement.


  1. You Have a Good Sense Of Direction


Se users are very in touch with the physical world. Because of this, they have an intuitive sense of spatial orientation that allows them to get around without getting lost.

You may notice that you can get around your hometown or city with ease, and you rarely get lost.


  1. You’re a Risk Taker


When you have a strong preference for extraverted sensing, you’re more likely to take risks.

It’s important to note that Se users aren’t necessarily thrill seekers. They simply prefer to live their lives according to what’s happening in the present moment, and if that means having fun and taking a risk at the spur of the moment, they’re likely to do it.


  1. You See Things In realistic Detail


People with a strong Se function don’t just observe information about the world around them. They absorb it as realistically as possible and store all the sensory data in their brains.

Se users are more likely to be realists who find it difficult to live in a dream world and they tend to avoid interpreting things in a romanticized or unrealistic way.


  1. You’re Not the Kind to Sit Around Doing Nothing


If your Se function is dominant or auxiliary, you’ll probably get bored and restless when you don’t have anything to do.

That’s because Se users feel most alive when they’re interacting with the world around them. They always want to be doing something, More specifically sensory activities like dancing, hiking, and driving.


  1. You Often Obsess Over Sights, Smells And Other Sensory Experiences


It’s not unusual for Se users to recall memories of past sensory experiences. This can result in them seeming like they’ve got a photographic memory because they never forget anything.

Se users are also more likely to be aroused by sensory experiences than most other personality types.

So next time you find yourself in a trance walking down the street, listen to your breathing or feel the touch of an object remember these are Se moments!




If you’re a Se user, these are some of the qualities that describe your personality. Not every Se user will exhibit all of the signs, but these are common signs that a Se user possesses.

See if you can relate to any of the above signs and tell us which ones are in the comments!

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