[Personality Guide] Understanding The ESTJ 8w7

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This article will explore the ESTJ 8w7 personality type. We will discuss their core desire and fear, some of the challenges they might face, and how to become a better person as an ESFP 7w8.

ESTJ 8w7 Overview

The ESTJ 8w7 is a subtype of the ESTJ personality type, which stands for Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging. People with this subtype are natural leaders, often taking charge in group settings and inspiring others to follow their lead.

They are assertive, and confident, and know what they want in life. However, their Enneagram type, 8w7, brings in a unique blend of assertiveness and self-confidence with a desire for stability and security.

The ESTJ 8w7 is a powerhouse personality type, full of confidence, determination, and an unwavering desire to succeed. They are the ultimate problem solvers, constantly seeking out challenges and obstacles to conquer.

Core Personality Traits of the ESTJ 8w7

  • Assertive and confident
  • Natural leaders
  • Decisive and organized
  • Goal-oriented and driven
  • Value stability and security
  • Respect authority and rules
  • Can be controlling and rigid
  • May struggle with flexibility and empathy

Core Desires and Fears of the ESTJ 8w7

At the core of the ESTJ 8w7 personality type is a deep desire for stability and security. They want to feel in control of their lives and the lives of those around them.

Their desire for control can sometimes come across as being controlling or rigid, but this is just their way of ensuring that they are in a secure and stable environment. Their Enneagram type, 8w7, also brings in a fear of being vulnerable and being taken advantage of.

This can cause them to come across as tough or insensitive, but it is just a defense mechanism to protect themselves from feeling vulnerable.

Strengths and Weaknesses of an ESTJ 8w7

One of the greatest strengths of an ESTJ 8w7 is their natural ability to lead. They are decisive and confident, able to make decisions quickly and effectively. They are strong-willed and determined, and will work hard to achieve their goals.

They are reliable and responsible and are always willing to take on more responsibilities and be the go-to person for tasks.

Their biggest weakness is their inflexibility. They tend to be rigid and set in their ways and may struggle to adapt to new situations and ideas.

They can also be controlling and domineering and may come across as overly critical to those around them. This can lead to strained relationships and can make it difficult for them to work effectively with others.

Other common strengths of ESTJ 8w7 include:

  • Organized and detail-oriented
  • Efficient and effective in getting things done
  • Natural problem-solvers
  • Strong sense of ethics and values
  • Good communicators

Other common weaknesses of ESTJ 8w7 include:

  • May struggle with emotional intelligence and empathy
  • Can be prone to stress and burnout
  • Maybe insensitive to the feelings of others
  • Can be inflexible and resistant to change
  • May struggle with self-reflection and introspection.

How does an ESTJ 8w7 interact in relationships and at work?

ESTJ 8w7s value structure and organization in their relationships and work environments. They are practical and driven and want to see results from their efforts.

They are natural leaders and can be relied upon to take charge and get things done. They are dependable and responsible, and will always follow through on their commitments.

In relationships, they may come across as dominant and controlling, but this is often due to their strong sense of duty and responsibility.

They value stability and security and want to provide for their loved ones. They can be demanding and critical, but they are also fiercely loyal and will do anything to protect those they love.

8 Growth Tips for the ESTJ 8w7

1. Practice Emotional Intelligence

ESTJ 8w7s may struggle with empathy and emotional intelligence, so it is important to work on this aspect of their personality. They can do this by practicing active listening, seeking feedback from others, and being more mindful of the emotional needs of others.

2. Be Open to Change

To grow and develop, ESTJ 8w7s must be willing to let go of their inflexible ways and be open to change. They can do this by taking risks, seeking out new experiences, and trying new things. This will help them broaden their perspectives and become more adaptable.

3. Practice Self-Reflection

ESTJ 8w7s may struggle with introspection and self-reflection, so they need to develop these skills. They can do this by setting aside time for quiet reflection and meditation, journaling, or seeking out therapy or coaching.

4. Develop Flexibility

To be successful in relationships and at work, ESTJ 8w7s need to be more flexible and adaptable. They can do this by being open to feedback, seeking out new perspectives, and being willing to compromise.

5. Seek Balance

ESTJ 8w7s are driven and focused on results, but they need to seek balance in their lives. This can be done by setting aside time for self-care and relaxation, prioritizing their physical and mental health, and finding hobbies and activities that bring

6. Practice Self-Awareness

As an ESTJ 8w7, you may tend to jump into action without considering your thoughts and feelings. Developing self-awareness can help you better understand your motivations and respond to situations more effectively and productively. Take time each day to reflect on your emotions and reactions to different events.

7. Build Strong Relationships

Relationships are crucial to the ESTJ 8w7, and the better your relationships, the better your life will be. Focus on building strong, healthy relationships with those around you by being present, and genuine, and showing appreciation for their contributions. Investing in your relationships will bring you greater happiness and fulfillment.

8. Cultivate a Creative Outlet

While practicality and order are important to you, it’s also important to find a creative outlet that allows you to express yourself in a unique and personal way. This could be anything from painting, writing, or cooking to more structured activities like photography or dancing. Give yourself permission to explore and have fun, and you’ll find that this outlet can bring you great joy and satisfaction.

12 Best Careers for the ESTJ 8w7

  1. Military
  2. Law enforcement
  3. Manager or supervisor
  4. Politician
  5. Business executive
  6. Judge or lawyer
  7. Teacher
  8. Financial Advisor
  9. Human resource manager
  10. Engineer
  11. Accountant
  12. Architect

Final Words

This guide is designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and how to use your knowledge to grow as a person.

Keep in mind that your personality type is just a small part of who you are, you possess a combination of gifts and talents that make you special and set you apart from others.

Take the time to discover more about yourself and what you have to offer and don’t be afraid to embrace your individuality and use it to stand out and make a positive impact.

If this guide was helpful to you, feel free to share it with others who may benefit from it as well.

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