Do Girls Like Introverts ? Here’s The Answer…

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You may be wondering if girls like introverts. Do they find us attractive? Do we have a chance with them? 


Being quiet and shy around them may make you feel like they struggle to find you attractive, but the truth is, not all girls are alike. 


In this article, we’ll go over why a lot of girls like quiet, shy, and introverted guys, but first, let’s answer the question: 


Do Girls Like Introverts?


Yes, many girls do find introverted guys attractive, in fact, what you think of as a negative quality in yourself may be the most attractive thing a girl finds in you! like being shy or reserved by nature.


You know, asking this question goes a long way in showing how much we introverts underestimate our attractiveness and think low of our introverted qualities! 


introversion is not a defect, it’s actually very attractive. Deep down inside every girl wants someone to connect with, and that’s why they’re drawn to introverts.


9 Reasons Why Girls Like Quiet Introverted Guys


  1. They appear more humble


Introverted guys are humble because they don’t feel the need to be the center of attention. They know their limitations and don’t try to do too much. Girls like that.

They like guys who know how to behave in the presence of other people and don’t feel squashed by everyone else’s presence or try too hard to get attention. 


  1. They don’t try too hard


Introverted guys tend to be a lot more real than extroverted guys because they don’t have to pretend around girls. They can be their real selves or at least their shy ones. So there’s definitely less bullshit with them. Girls are drawn to that because most guys are full of crap. 


  1. They’re good listeners


Girls like a guy who can listen and talk well. Introverted guys are good listeners because they’re focused on what you have to say, not what they can say to impress you or draw attention to them. 


  1. They’re not easy to approach


Introverted guys are usually reserved and give an air of mystery about them, and that’s what draws girls to them. Mystery draws attention. So while you’re busy trying to stay out of people’s radars, you’ve probably got you’re self right in the middle of a girl’s radar. 


  1. They have a great sense of humor


Introverted guys are usually very funny and have an unusual perspective about life, which makes them really interesting to get to know. They’re not all dry, boring guys who act like robots; they have an unusual sense of humor.


 I’d say this is due to the way they process their thoughts internally, which makes them unique even when being humorous and a woman will definitely catch on to that.


  1. They’re not desperate to get laid


Girls are more likely to feel comfortable going out with an introvert than an extrovert 


for the sole idea that introverts just don’t seem like they’re desperate to get laid, even if, mind you- they actually are! 


It’s like we women have this generalized thought that an introvert is more driven by standards and common courtesies than an extrovert is.  


It’s also common that introverts’ relationships last longer and the connection is stronger than an extrovert’s one. 


I’m not saying it’s entirely true, I’m just stating that it’s common knowledge. 


And that’s what makes the thought of being with an introvert more appealing if we exclude girls who look for more ‘fun’ than connection in a relationship.


  1. They’re more selfless


Another trait that makes introverted guys attractive is the fact that they’re not selfish- at least in my experience. 


Not being busy with showing off and focusing on your small circle of people will make you eventually selfless and that’s a quality most females value in a person. Just like they value the fact that an introverted guy usually won’t be so pushy with intimacy because he knows what a big deal that is. 


  1. They’re sensitive. That’s manly!


Introverted guys are known for being sensitive. And I’m not talking about the kind of sensitivity that is a synonym to ’emotional’…I’m talking about being in touch with your feelings and cares. 


Honestly, this kind of sensitivity that is so common with introverted guys is regarded as a sign of masculinity. It’s like we girls put more emphasis on the feelings part, whereas men focus on the physical and logical. 


So it’s a huge bonus when girls think of introverts as being able to understand us and understand our feelings.


  1. They’re shy sometimes!


Being shy is attractive you know. Not being pushy, not being too forward with your intentions…


It’s kind of hard to describe but being the way you are is NOT a defect. Sure you’ll need to work on your shyness if it’s getting in the way of your progress professionally but believe me, good girls find shyness when around them attractive!




If you’re an introvert, This list probably just gave you some insight into your personality and helped you realize that there are probably lots of girls out there who are really into introverts. 


Now that you know this, you can go out and be yourself without the fear of being judged or putting too much effort into pretense.


I hope you found this article helpful, if you did make sure to share it with friends, and don’t forget to check out more articles like this one on the blog that can help you understand more about your introversion!

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