7 Common Introvert Texting Habits You Should Know About Before Texting an Introvert

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In the 2000s, texting became a common form of communication in America. The increase in popularity of smartphones only increased that trend and it has been steadily growing ever since. If you’re an introvert, you already know texting is your preferred form of communication probably because you enjoy being able to privately express yourself in your own time. If you’re an extrovert, though, you may be wondering how introverts prefer to text so that they can better communicate with their extroverted partners or friends.

Here are some texting habits that introverts share to help you understand how introverts like to text and to make it easier for you to communicate with introverts.


7 Common Introvert Texting Habits


#1- Texting is as good as talking for introverts – if not better


Introverts may be shy but they can be more than capable when it comes to putting their thoughts into words and even just typing them out on a keyboard. This is because texting allows you to privately express your thoughts in your own time instead of having to do so immediately. It’s like writing a letter, but faster and easier. Not only that, but introverts are also more likely to write longer texts than extroverts and may even prefer texting over speaking on the phone because it allows them to be more expressive. So if you have an introvert for a friend, don’t be surprised if they send you paragraphs-long text messages. It’s just how they are.


#2- Introverts prefer to text when they are alone


Introverts are more likely than extroverts to enjoy privacy and freedom. Your introverted friends probably have a lot of activities that they like doing by themselves such as reading, writing or playing games.  If you’re an extrovert, it’s easy for you to imagine how they would enjoy these activities in peace and quiet. If you’re an introvert, it’s easy for you to imagine how that same situation would be more difficult if you were surrounded by people – even your close friends and family members. In fact, according to one study , 65% of introverts like to text when they are alone. This is because being alone gives them the freedom to text how they want without worrying about what other people will think.


#3- Introverts don’t feel the need to respond right away


If you’re an extrovert, then it’s natural for you to want to respond as fast as possible when someone texts you. But from the perspective of an introvert, not responding quickly may actually be better because it gives them time to think thoroughly about their response. If they respond to you right away, then there is no space for them to think about what they will say.


#4- Introverts like using emoticons


Introverts are more likely to use emojis than extroverts are because it allows them to express themselves in a more indirect way, especially if they’re not very good at expressing themselves. According to research from the University of Waterloo, 61% of introverts like to use emoticons and they may even prefer it over text-only messages because it lets them convey a wider range of emotions.


#5 – Introverts will not respond immediately if they’re busy


Introverts are deep thinkers and prefer to observe first before reacting, which means they are also very slow to respond. This can be problematic if you’re an extrovert who needs immediate responses but it’s a good thing if the introvert is busy doing something else where they need to concentrate, such as driving or working on something. It doesn’t mean that the introvert isn’t thinking about what you said and will never respond, though. It just means that the introvert is likely to then respond when they have time, which can be a few hours later or even days.


#6 – Introverts will answer questions with more than “yes” or “no”


If an introvert chooses to respond, it’s most likely going to be in the form of a short but in-detail text message. However, this does not mean that they will give you just one word answers such as “yes” or “no”, especially if the answer is complicated. Introverts will often prefer to give a thorough explanation if they feel that it’s necessary, so you can expect longer messages from an introvert than you would from an extrovert.


#7 – Introverts may ignore you altogether


If you’re texting your introverted friends, don’t be surprised if they ignore or avoid the conversation altogether. They may try to do it subtly by slowly fading away from it and when that doesn’t work, they will simply stop replying altogether. This is because trying to hold a conversation over text is too much of a burden for them. It’s not a sign of anger; instead, it is just another way that introverts will silently tell you to leave them alone if they need time to recharge.



What should you do when an introvert doesn’t text you back


First of all, think about their personality preference and  Respect the introvert’s need for time alone

A lot of introverts may want to text you back but they just can’t because your constant requests for them to respond are too much. Instead, respect their right to be left alone and give them space when they need it. This is one of the most difficult things for extroverts to do but it’s a necessary countermeasure for when you need to separate yourself from other people, even if they’re your friends. They will always care about what you said to them and they will always think about how they can help with whatever problem you are facing, so take advantage of that by allowing the introvert some space to do it.

Not answering you over text may not necessarily mean they’re rejecting you, one reason why introverts may not text you back is because they don’t feel like they have anything to say, even if that’s not true. They can think about what they want to say for long periods of time but when the moment comes where they have to say something, they don’t know how to express it and get frustrated with themselves for not being able to put their thoughts into words. So instead of getting angry because the introvert doesn’t text you back, be patient and respectful of them by simply giving them space to recharge on their own.

But in case you’re aware they’re rejecting you., try asking yourself if there was something that you did to cause them to reject you instead of getting angry at someone who rejected you. If it was, apologize and learn from your mistakes so that the next time, you’ll do better. Introverts are understanding people who have a lot of patience but if you push too far too often or make them feel threatened, they will eventually find a way to let you know how they really feel.


In conclusion, The relationship between introverts and extroverts is so important in modern society. The two types have to learn how to co-exist together. Learning more about someone through the way they text you can not only help you understand them better but also appreciate their differences and how they affect your relationships.

I hope this article was helpful in showing you  what an introvert’s texting style looks like and how you can interpret it to build better relationships with your friends.

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