Exploring The INTP Rarity

If you’re an INTP then you’ve probably heard comments like  “you’re so unpredictable!” or “I’ve never met anyone like you!” And it’s might be true, INTPs are one of the least common personality types. In this article, we’ll explore the INTP rarity, what might make them seem so unusual and some of the challenges that …

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The 5 Stages of INTP Anger

INTPs are often mistaken as being aloof or unemotional. But the truth is, INTPs experience anger and other emotions just like everyone else. The only difference is that we express our anger in a different way. We INTPs tend to bottle up our anger until it explodes. And when it does, it can be pretty …

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INTP Boyfriend: 14 Tips to Better Understand Your Man

intp boyfriend

INTP males are creative and analytical and that’s probably why they make such great scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, inventors, computer programmers, and engineers—and lousy salespeople. But INTPs also have their share of problems: the inability to understand or express emotions, being seen as insensitive or unapproachable, and a propensity for getting lost in their own thoughts …

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