7 Best Apps for Introverts to Make Friends

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No person is an island.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before.

We’re social creatures by nature and our society has changed drastically over the past few decades.

The world has become more digitalized and with that, online friendships have emerged. As an introvert myself, I find it challenging at times to make friends in real life even though I’m surrounded by people who are constantly trying to connect with me online.

But I am here now with 5 awesome apps that will help any introvert meet new friends in a low-stakes way that isn’t as scary as meeting somebody for the first time offline.

When I say “low-stakes”, what I mean is that you don’t have to worry about the outcomes of meeting someone new like you would in real life.

This allows introverts to take their time and ease into making friends without feeling pressured to rush things.

7 Best Apps for Introverts to Make Friends

  • Meetup

Meetup is a modern day renaissance of real life, face-to-face interactions. The concept is simple and straightforward: it’s an online platform that allows users all over the world to organize groups based on similar interests. Users can manage their own or join one created by someone else who thought of something awesome. Meetups can be formed for things such as book clubs, outdoor activities, sports leagues, and even just to meet people in your area.

Meetup seems very similar to Facebook Events but I find it much better because it is more interactive. Rather than simply inviting someone and hoping that they will show up like Facebook does, Meetup forces you to get yourself out there. It is more engaging and you have to actively participate in making the Meetup work (which I find gives me an extra sense of accomplishment).

Overall, it’s a great way for introverts to get out there and meet people face-to-face without having to worry about being judged if they don’t know what to say or feel awkward in social situations.

  • Coffee Meets Bagel

From the makers of Meetup comes Coffee Meets Bagel: an app that helps introverts make friends by restricting interactions with new users to just one per day. The concept is very similar to the famous ice breaker game, “Would you rather?” except every day is a new question.

Coffee Meets Bagel was created by three female graduates from Columbia University in New York as an alternative to typical dating apps that they felt made people feel pressured to pursue relationships and be more aggressive.

CMB is created specifically for people who want to take things slow and meet new people while being mindful of their own emotions. The app takes a lot of pressure off introverts because they can feel comfortable getting to know someone at their pace rather than having a time limit on meeting anybody.

CMB is also great because it allows users to focus on superficial traits just to get the conversation started rather than in-depth questions right away. For example, you can ask someone if they enjoy a hot or cold beverage first and then transition into asking more about them.

The objective of CMB is to have meaningful relationships but it is created in a way that allows introverts to ease into the process. The app also provides users with life events and holidays they could use as an opportunity to meet someone new and you don’t have to feel pressured about creating the invitation yourself.

Coffee Meets Bagel offers you a refreshing take on online dating by focusing on making strong, healthy connections rather than just hook-ups (sometimes introverts can get lonely too even though it seems like we’re fine being alone).

  • workfrom

Probably the least complicated app but one of my favorites because it’s so simple and easy to use. workfrom is a completely free mobile-based networking tool that allows you to meet new people who are also interested in working from coffee shops, cafes, or co-working spaces in your area.

WorkFrom offers users exposure to other likeminded individuals by exposing them to venues they may not have been aware existed otherwise (especially if they are introverts like me). It also gives you an opportunity to connect with other creators (especially visual artists!) while giving yourself the freedom to choose where and when you want to work on any given day.

The best part about using this for making new friends is being able to work on your own terms without having to explain your quirks or feel weird telling someone about how you work better alone. You can also keep the conversation simple and get to know others without feeling too pressured to be a specific way.

WorkFrom is great if you are looking for an app that allows you to meet people in a comfortable environment while being productive at the same time. It’s not just about making friends but it’s also good if you find yourself having trouble getting started on things because it gives you a reason to go out of the house and do something (another reason why I love this app).  

workfrom also paired with  Coffee Meets Bagel, which is awesome because they both make it easier for introverts to meet new people!

  • Anomo

Anomo is one of the most unique apps on this list because it focuses on introverts who want a more intimate social environment.

With Anomo, you’re able to meet new friends through role playing sessions– which are handled either by multiple users or just one user versus another (which allows for solo players to gain confidence). The app chooses an “actor” and a scene for you – every time to get your imagination flowing before engaging with other participants. To further facilitate conversation among users, Anomo also has a chat box at the bottom of the screen where you can type out your thoughts as well as send voice recordings to keep your fellow actors engaged.

    The best part about Anomo is that it provides very specific prompts you can use to get the conversation flowing (or you can take it in a completely different direction if so desired).

You’re able to participate in role-play sessions which are all organized by previous users. This allows you to make new friends that have similar interests and help expand your social circle outside of your comfort zone. The app also provides a chat box where multiple users or just two people can converse simultaneously, which I think is pretty neat!

    If you’re looking for an alternative to Facebook but still want the opportunity to connect with others online, Anomo might be worth checking out. Just remember not to go overboard — this app is perfect for introverts who don’t feel comfortable making the first move and would rather choose their own path!


  • Nextdoor  

Nextdoor is a social networking service for neighborhoods. The service allows users to stay in touch with the people around them, whether they know them personally or not.

Basically, Nextdoor puts you directly in touch with other people that live near you (and are kind of interested in making friends). It’s also outrageously helpful because it keeps you connected when local events and community information happen. Plus, it puts you directly into contact with others that are living near you — whether they’re individuals or neighborhood companies looking to get their own products/services out there!

    Nextdoor can be used as an alternative to Facebook but why use this app versus using Facebook? Well, if privacy and security are your main concerns then this might be a good choice for you.

Access to Nextdoor is  restricted by a user’s verified address, which means that not all users have access to the app (so far). If your neighbors have the app, then they can invite you over! You can also ask neighbors questions or look at existing discussions happening around your local area.

    This app allows for a more intimate environment because it allows users to connect with other community members in their neighborhood without having strangers coming from outside of their city/state/province see and read what they are posting about.


  • Birdy  

why birdy is good for introverts is because it allows you to get involved with other people without having to do the extra work of leaving your house. With Birdy, you are able to connect with real people and make friends by attending weekly events, one on one hangouts, or even allowing users who have similar interests find each other!

    Basically what they do is pair up users that live in close proximity and this happens through a Facebook login (you’re not required to post anything on Facebook if you don’t want). If both parties agree then suddenly you are matched with someone who wants to be your friend! That’s all there is too it — it’s really easy and simple.

One cool thing about Birdy is how open their community is; whether or not you live in a big city or a small town doesn’t matter because Birdy is open to everyone!  It’s easy to use and it doesn’t require any effort when you’re just getting started.

  • Reddit

Last but most definitely NOT least is Reddit. Reddit is an online community where users can interact with and post content for other users to view. You’re able to discuss any topic under the sun and be sure that there will always be someone who wants to talk about it!

Reddit  is not a dating app, but you should still use caution when talking with people (just because they might be flirting with you doesn’t mean they actually care). There are a ton of different categories on this site including books, movies, music, news, science, television shows/series — anything you can possibly think of, and more!

Reddit is the best app for introverts to meet new people and find friends because they’re able to engage in conversation with other members of the community without feeling judged. In other words, you get to be yourself and share your thoughts without having others try to persuade or tease you for what you say.

You’re not required to show your face if that’s something you don’t want, but some users DO post pictures when trying to get their foot into a certain community. I’d recommend doing this only if you feel as though it will help make the conversation flow easily (but it’s completely up to you).

Right now, the Reddit app is only available through Apple devices. However, there are a couple third party apps that you can access it through instead of the web version (I personally use Bacon Reader ).

In conclusion, there are a variety of ways to find friends if you’re an introvert not only through apps but also in real life situations as well. I highly recommend using the three apps I listed above because they’re all awesome! With the right approach to using them, you’ll find yourself with a solid group of friends in no time.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article! If you did please share it or leave a comment down below :). Thanks for stopping by and good luck!!


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